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Here on this website, we shall be talking about the term Dubai Porta Potty (Dubai Porta Potties) in two implied connotations to make you understand what…

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We offer a lot of services on this site, See the below blocks…

We Bring You News From The UAE And The World At Large

We bring you pinpointedly interesting news from all over the world. As our service is majorly centered in doing business in the middle-east, particularly, in the United Arab Emirates, we have taken it upon ourselves to always bring you news and gist they happen in and round the world particularly in the UAE. Always check our blog section for news, business, and site updates.

Dubai Porta Potty Business Premium Hookups

We offer connection services for various adult oriented businesses all over the world with greater emphasis on the United Arab Emirates with regards to the lucrative Dubai Porta Potty Business. Are you planning a vacation in the United Arab Emirates, or anywhere else in the world, we have got your covered. Contract us to link you up to escorting ladies and guys that would sure make your trip a memorable one.

Job Connection Services

Are you looking for job in the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia? We are here to make your job search easier as we have a catalogue of jobs and services vacuum in our database that we can easily secure for you the moment you buy our premium job offer services.

Who Is Our Business For?

POE trade

Our business is open to everyone. You can as well be our partner. Our doors are always open to welcoming you our most cherished esteemed guests for without you, we would be out of service

Escorting is one thing totally different from porta potty business. When one goes extra on the former the later becomes the case. However, porta potty business when done in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai, It is called Dubai Porta Potty. It attracts high weekly payments in the region of $40k to $50k depending on how freaky you can be in service to your client. However, our intending client can choose to offer normal escorting services and be paid decent amount like $20k per week in service.

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Our Business Achievements

For the past 6 years that we have being in business, a lot have been achieved big thanks to hard work, resilience and dedication and there is no stop, only forward movements

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What peoples say about us

We have got so many testimonies and cannot share all at once, hence have decided to always share 3 testimonies rotationally and occasionally.

“Hi people, I have been looking for opportunities with regards to making good money off my bodily endowments until I stumble on this website. After I bought an escorting service plan, within 21 days I was connected and flown to the United Arab Emirates, and now I am constantly making huge money weekly from my escorting job. Big thanks to the founder and management of this website.”
Why are Instagram models always in Dubai
Patricia Muller
“Great thanks to the management of this website. I am a Mechanical Engineer whose has been looking for an opportunity in the city of Dubai to no avail, until a friend of mine introduced me to this website. Initially, I was skeptical but just decide to give their services a trial. Now to day, I am a happy man for i have my dream job benefactor connected to me via the service I received here. All thanks to the team or individual behind this - Oset Ventures Ltd.”
Michael Clark
“Hi guys, I am Cynthia by name, and I am from Ghana. I escaped poverty the moment i sought for the services this website offer that I most wanted. After I bought my the Dubai Porta Potty Business service plan, I was linked up to meet a client at the other end in the UAE in an all-expense-free trip to Dubai. I am not proud of what I went there to do for a month, but I can tell you that it is worth it for I was paid huge amount of money on weekly basis for eating poop. Thanks to whoever created this site..”
How to become a porta potty
Michel Oscar
Escorting and Prostitution

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