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Here on this front page, we shall talk about the term Dubai Porta Potties in two implied connotations. The first connotation would talk about porta potties in the real and actual sense of it, while the second implied connotation talks about human behavioral depravity that equate all that a porta potty stands for.

By the time you are done reading this article, you will have understood all about the popular term, Porta Potty, and by extension, the real meaning of Dubai Porta Potty (Dubai Porta Potties Business).

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Now What Is A Porta Potty (What Are Porta Potties), And What does it Imply?

Well to make it simple such that even a layman can understand, a Porta Potty also known as portable or mobile toilet is any type of toilet system that can be moved around from one location to another, either manually by an individual/persons, or with the help of a mechanical equipment.

portable toilet

The above is the picture of a typical portable toilet depicting its interior fittings.

Portable toilets (porta potties) are rented and used in a variety of situations, for example in urban slums of developing countries, at festivals, for camping, political rallies, and even for an on boats/yacht partyings, etc.

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Porta potty (portable toilet) is of different types. However, amongst the varieties that exist, the chemical toilet is probably the most well-known type of portable toilet.

The other types are urine-diversion dehydration toilets, composting toilets, container-based toilets, bucket toilets, freezing toilets and incineration toilets.

Now that we feel you the understanding of what a porta potty is, we would want you to learn in details about it.

NB: Understanding what a porta potty, a.k.a portable toilet is the better you will understand its use here in relation to ladies of easy virtues. You will learn that shortly below.

Now, let’s throw more light over its meaning.

A Porta potty is a portable enclosure containing a disposable chemical toilet typically used as a temporary toilet for large gatherings.

Furthermore, porta potties are makeshift toilets, restrooms that are set up temporary for events that attract high gatherings.

Anyone can rent a porta potty and use it in any manner he/she deems fit

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NB: On the contrary, the term is used here to CONNOTE the depravity of some modern day women and ladies. This is in reference to Arab Dubai Men, and others in the other geolocations, who rent and treat women of all sizes, shapes, and races like pieces of trash all in an exchange for big money in Dollars.

Dubai Porta Potties' Actual Meaning

porta potty girl

In this connotional implied meaning of the term Dubai Porta Potty, we shall talk about the quest for money and level of depravity some ladies can go to have it.

On this connotation, Dubai porta potties are simply ladies who are subjected to serious degradation  by the super rich guys mostly in the Middle East all for huge Dollar reward.

These crop of ladies are often used and treated in like manner similar to how a typical portable toilet is used and treated.

At the end, they are washed up with huge amount of monies in Dollars which enables them to emasculate their detoriority with shinning and fancy looks on social media platforms. They are usually, paid $15,000 to $30,000 weekly for their services.

How Are These Ladies Linked Up For The Porta Potty Business?

These ladies are scouted from all over the world by some agents. These agents have pools of contact to several businesses in Dubai, and the entire UAE, and by extension worldwide.  When the ladies who want to join this biz come in contact with these agents, next they are hooked up with clients  in Dubai and other parts of the UAE mostly in an all expense free trip. Then globally.

Then, when they arrive in Dubai, they are canalized, degraded and abused in the most dehumanizing manners just for five $ figure. Well to them, the money is worth the degradation.

Mind you, these ladies are used in manners similar to how portable toilets are used and are washed up with five figures $ to prevent stenches.

With the help of the $ five figures they will wash up and emasculate the degradation and abuses with shinny looks on social.

When these rich men of Dubai are done with them, some of the porta potty ladies tend to come on social media to show off exorbitantly. Hence, the name tag, Dubai porta potties.

Do you wish to see/read how Rich Men in Dubai are Sh**ting on Instagram Models who are into Dubai Porta Potties business?

If your answer is yes, then you are on the right website.

We are dedicated to detailed explanations, backed with pictures and videos as evidence that what we are revealing to you about the term porta potty is true.

NB: Even though that we also have agents that connect ladies who want to go into this business (Porta Potty Business), we have to be transparent open with regards to the term so that ladies who wish for the business would know what is involved.

Quick Note: Before I proceed to our Dubai Porta Potty talks and gists do note that in this article we are not talking about genuine Instagram influencers (i.e, people who are paid to promote products and services on their Instagram pages for an agreed fees). We are talking about the people who do not take on any brand deals or legit modelling gigs but yet claim to be brand ambassadors/influencers. Furthermore, It should also be noted that this article is not for the faint-hearten! Okay? So let’s begin. Though, this is not an x** site.

The depravity of modern day women is alarming. Some modern day women are no longer holding brief for anything provided money is involved. And, it has been guaranteed that they will get it after performing some degrading tasks.

Today some ladies women are ready to do the unthinkable for the sake of money. Here on this website we are committed to exposing all that we know regarding the terms Dubai Porta Potty and Porta Potties business.

In furtherance to get you a glimpse of what we are talking about here, just read on.

We have made bold to state that  women of easy virtues  called Dubai Porta Potties – are being treated badly.  These women are being fed with p**p in the United Arab Emirates all for the five figure $ reward.

To state it clearly so that many naive persons, particularly ladies, would not think of it as a good venture term, Dubai Porta Potty is a term used when referring to ladies who are paid to be degraded explicitly as can be seen on this Dubai porta potty video

Moreover,from our porta potty confessions page, you will be able to imagine the gory pictures. Because, the ladies who had been into it but currently retired have made some confessions in details about their ordeals.

From the foregoing, the contest of the term in this website is reserved exclusively for Dubai based/oriented human porta potties.  Although, we have porta potties who are based in the US, France, and Romania, etc. However, Dubai was the place that blazed the trail of this business term.

Similarly, by the same connotation, there are, American Porta Potties, French Porta Potties, and Romanian Porta Potties respectively who are all ladies that have chosen to be human toilets .They are the same in the porta potty game. The only difference is geographical locations.

We have to say it as it is because we know that before this moment, you didn’t know that super rich Men around the World are defecating excreta on and into the mouths of so many self-acclaimed social media sophisticated ladies and models ( see video )?

Now you understand. We we enjoin you not to envy anyone you see with shinny looks either on social media or physically. Because,you don’t know what they are into. This our front page article aims to open your eyes to the pitiable way some ladies make their monies.

human portable toilet


Click the below link to watch the video:

Human Dubai Porta Potty Video

dubai porta potty video

The video above, will help you get a clearer picture of what we are saying here talking here since. Just click the above frame to watch the video…

Mind you, the men that do this to ladies are usually stupendously rich Arabian men and others from all over the World.

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