DubaiPortaPotty.Top is great website that brings you the main, and latest gists about about Dubai, as a province in United Arab Emirate, UAE.

This site brings you in-debt stories about how women are treated as some pieces of meat in Dubai for the sake of money, kudos to rich Arabian men who have decided to use their riches, and stupendous wealth to deal with others.

On this site, we are determined to bring you the latest Dubai Porta Potty news that may interest you.

Time to time, we shall stray into other descriptions of what Dubai Porta Potties means.

May I crave your indulgence, that porta potty is a term found in the dictionary often used in reference to make-shift toilets that are set-up in public places for large assembly of people who would be attending a public function, eg, crusades, political rallies, and during trade fair exhibitions, etc. See Wikipedia, and our front page to get detailed explanations

Now that you scantly understand what a porta potty means, you equally know that when, one mentions, Dubai Porta potty, he is simply implying porta potties in Dubai area, but in reference to women of easy virtue, and also to reflect the level of their depravity for the lure of filthy lucre. Some time, they get shitted and pissed on for about $30,000 bucks. This is to tell you what we are here for – to tell the porta potty stories as it is with no mercy, fear, nor favor.

The people we shall be talking about here in this website are people who less in value when compared to trash cans. These women are out to sale their bodies for some thousands of dollars.

We would also be talking about other trendy stuffs in Dubai, but first, some of our pages shall be explaining in details about other porta potty related terms.

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