How Dubai Police cracked a Dh1 million theft mystery

How Dubai Police Cracked A Dh1 Million Theft Mystery

Crime scene expert explains how he got the better of those behind the crime

Dubai Dh1 million theft mystery. No matter how cunning criminals may believe themselves to be, crime scene experts consistently outmaneuver them.

Captain Hamdan Ahli, an assistant crime scene expert with the General Department of Forensic Evidence at Dubai Police, disclosed a remarkable case where a criminal inadvertently left behind a trail of evidence while absconding with Dh1 million from a company’s treasury. Astonishingly, this perpetrator had carelessly left a pair of scissors at the scene, an item he had used during the commission of the crime.

As it transpired, the criminal was none other than an employee of the very company he targeted.

According to the Dubai Police’s “Hemaya” magazine, the incident came to light when the company reported the theft of Dh1 million from its money safe at its headquarters.

Capt. Al Ahli, who was part of the investigative team, revealed that, based on initial information, four company employees had been working late into the night to process crucial documents. Their tranquility was abruptly shattered when a gang forcibly entered the company through the main entrance, physically assaulted them, and restrained three of the employees using zip ties. Meanwhile, the fourth employee, under duress, was coerced into unlocking the safe and transferring its monetary contents into the gang’s bag. After complying with their demands, this employee promptly freed his colleagues from their restraints and alerted the Dubai Police once the criminals had fled the scene.

While the taskforce interviewed the four victims, Capt. Al Ahli meticulously examined the scene of the crime. He initiated his investigation with the main door, through which the gang had purportedly gained entry. To his discerning eye, it became evident that one of the criminals had forcefully kicked the door, imprinting his shoe on it.

“This raised my suspicions,” remarked Capt. Al Ahli.

Further scrutiny of the discarded zip ties revealed evidence of a sharp cutting tool being employed. Continuing his systematic search, he stumbled upon a pair of scissors discreetly concealed in one of the drawers.

Returning to the main door, Capt. Al Ahli made a crucial decision to compare the shoeprints found on the door with those of the company’s employees. His intuition proved accurate as the shoeprint perfectly matched that of the fourth employee.

Upon thorough interrogation, the fourth employee ultimately confessed to masterminding the entire operation and convincing his colleagues to collaborate in the theft of Dh1 million from the safe.

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