India: 46-yr-old man Indian auto rickshaw driver stabs wife to death, jumps off balcony

India: 46-Yr-Old Man Stabs Wife To Death, Jumps Off Balcony

A 46-year-old man, Aditya Kapoor stabbed his wife Shivani Kapoor, 43, to death in the presence of their two children, aged 13 and 12, and then jumped off the balcony of their first-floor residential apartment here.

Man Stabs Wife! Man Stabs Woman to Death. In a shocking turn of events, a 46-year-old man, Aditya Kapoor, committed a heinous act by stabbing his wife, Shivani Kapoor, to death. What makes this tragedy even more distressing is that it took place in front of their two children, aged 13 and 12. The incident culminated in Aditya’s leap from the first-floor balcony of their residential apartment, resulting in injuries that required medical attention while in police custody.

A Marriage Unraveled As Man Stabs Wife

Before we delve into the grim details of this incident, let’s understand the backdrop. Aditya Kapoor and Shivani Kapoor had shared a marriage for 14 years. However, the passage of time had eroded the once-strong foundation of their relationship, leading to strained relations. The couple had been living separately for approximately six months before this dreadful incident.


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The Tragic Encounter

The fateful event transpired when an inebriated Aditya showed up at his wife’s flat in Aalya Apartments, Lucknow. Initially, Shivani refused to open the door, reluctant to allow her estranged husband entry. It was only when Aditya’s desperate pleas to see their children reached a fever pitch that Shivani reluctantly granted him access.

As their conversation escalated into an argument, Aditya’s rage took a violent turn. In a horrifying outburst, he attacked Shivani with a kitchen knife, inflicting multiple wounds. Shockingly, their two young children bore witness to this gruesome act of violence.

A Desperate Escape

The terrifying sequence of events didn’t end there. In a final, desperate act, Aditya Kapoor leaped from the first-floor balcony, resulting in a traumatic head injury. His violent actions didn’t go unnoticed, as other residents of the apartment complex and vigilant security guards apprehended him immediately. The local authorities were informed without delay.

A Tragic End

Upon their arrival at the scene, the police made a grim discovery – Shivani Kapoor’s lifeless body lay on the dining table, a poignant testimony to the horrifying events that had unfolded. In the aftermath, Aditya was swiftly transported to the hospital for medical treatment, while Shivani’s body was prepared for a postmortem examination.

Children’s Eyewitness Account

The police interviewed the young children, who provided a harrowing account of the entire ordeal. Their testimony shed light on the tragic events that transpired in their home on that dreadful day.

Aditya Kapoor: A Troubled Background

Aditya Kapoor’s background reveals a complex mix of financial independence and employment. He earned rental income from several shops in Aminabad and was also employed at his maternal uncle Pappu’s clothing store in the same area. However, beneath this seemingly ordinary exterior, a deeper turmoil was at play, ultimately culminating in this terrible act of violence.

In this heart-wrenching tale of a family torn apart by rage, tragedy, and despair, it is a stark reminder of the importance of addressing mental health and relationship issues. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the innocent victims and their families affected by this traumatic incident.

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