Operation Monopoly: Dubai Police bust cyberfraud, arrest 43

Operation Monopoly: Dubai Police Bust Cyberfraud, Arrest 43

The Dubai Police has successfully carried out a coordinated security operation targeting an international syndicate of expert cybercriminals and fraudsters exploiting major enterprises in several countries by penetrating email correspondences between company heads and branch managers.

Dubai: The Dubai Police orchestrated a meticulously executed security endeavor, targeting an international syndicate comprising adept cybercriminals and fraudsters. These individuals sought to exploit major enterprises across diverse countries by infiltrating email correspondences between company executives and their branch managers.

The specialized Anti-Cybercrime Team of Dubai Police diligently traced the syndicate’s two-phased maneuvers, facilitating the movement of an approximate sum of $36 million. Employing intricate methods, the malevolent actors orchestrated fund transfers between accounts, obscuring their tracks. Subsequently, they executed withdrawals through intermediaries, channeling the ill-gotten gains into specialized money holding and transfer entities.


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Termed as “Monopoly,” this operation culminated in the apprehension of 43 suspects hailing from various nationalities. Furthermore, the revelation of the identity of the syndicate’s leader, currently residing outside the country, and the exposure of 20 other cohorts, marked a significant breakthrough. An international pursuit and arrest warrant, known as a “red notice,” were issued, effectively dismantling one of the most perilous international hacking and fraud cohorts, while also reclaiming the embezzled funds.

The genesis of this operation can be traced back to a complaint lodged by a legal representative of a company in an Asian jurisdiction. The complaint, registered through Dubai Police’s anti-cybercrime platform, e-crime.ae, detailed the intrusion of an international syndicate into the company CEO’s email. The malefactors, having accessed confidential correspondences, proceeded to impersonate the CEO. They then instructed the accounts manager to transfer a substantial sum of $19 million to an account held in a Dubai-based bank, ostensibly for the benefit of the company’s emirate branch.

Promptly responding to the criminal complaint, Dubai Police’s Anti-Cybercrime and Anti-Money Laundering departments initiated a meticulous tracking of the monetary trail. Concurrently, they began surveillance of the syndicate members’ activities, enticing them to the UAE without arousing suspicion.

In the intricate realm of financial transactions, the destination account for the monetary transfer belonged to an individual who inaugurated it in the year 2018 and has since absented themselves from the country. The criminal syndicate exhibited an unparalleled mastery of evasion tactics, skillfully diverting the funds through a convoluted network of accounts before ultimately channeling them into the impervious cash vaults of specialized entities responsible for the holding and transportation of money.

As the vigilant task force of the Dubai Police meticulously monitored the unfolding case, the nefarious gang, with a keen prowess for cyber infiltration, breached the electronic communications of an overseas company, laying claim to a substantial sum nearing $17 million. Subsequently, they orchestrated the transfer of these funds employing the same sophisticated methodology, involving a sequence of intricate transfers, culminating in the discreet deposit into their secure cash repositories.

However, in a commendable manifestation of law enforcement acumen, the Dubai Police apprehended 43 suspects implicated in these illicit activities, concurrently confiscating opulent automobiles and priceless pieces of artistry.

The Dubai Police affirmed that the hackers within this formidable gang displayed an uncanny precision in victim selection, meticulously analyzing the electronic footprints of their targets. Their focal point rested on corporate executives, business magnates, and individuals of extraordinary affluence. However, the gang’s stratagems proved futile against the Dubai Police’s elite cadre of anti-cybercrime officers and adept experts armed with cutting-edge AI-imbued technologies.

Commending the seamless international cooperation in Operation Monopoly, the Dubai Police particularly extolled the collaboration between the task force overseeing the case and several nations, including France and Hong Kong. This synergy underscored a commendable alliance between law enforcement and security agencies, amplifying the collective efforts to combat cybercrime on a global scale.

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