Cyber Crime Report Of Dubai Cyber Criminals: The Rise And Fall Of Instagram Star Ray Hushpuppy

Cyber Crime Report! The Opulent Lifestyle Of Dubai Based Criminal Ray Hushpuppy And His Subsequent Arrest

This article is the cyber crime report about a Dubai based Nigerian internet fraudster called Ray Hushpuppy. Here on this cyber crime report about him, we are going to reveal all the details we know about him from before, and after his arrest. These gory details indicate how he oppressed hard working young global citizens with his ill gotten wealth on social media platforms, such that at a point he became a household name, and soon parents started using him as a success reference while admonishing their children at home. However, there is one unique moral of this cyber crime report about ray Hushpuppy which is that, all that glitter are not gold.

It might interest you to know that this cyber crime report about Ray Husppupi arrest follows the same pattern as that of other cyber crime reports of arrested cyber criminals. Because, before his arrest, Dubai Based Nigerian Ray Hushpuppy was a household name in many regions of the World. He led the life of a king, was virtually celebrated both by the young, and old.

He was courted by highly placed politicians from different countries such that whenever they were on vacations to Dubai, United Arab Emirate, UAE, they always paid him courtesy visits thanks to his display of obscene wealth via social media networks, little did they know that they were dealing with hard-hearten cyber criminal who had engaged in countless high profile cyber crimes that ruined thousands of lives and businesses without his name being in any cyber crime report in Dubai – for he evaded the eyes of the e-police special elite unit of the Dubai Police for a while before they devised a means of trailing and monitoring him across social media platforms

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In Dubai, where he had made his home and safe haven, top Nigerian politicians and music stars notable among were, senator Dino Melaye, Davido, Wizkid and others became overnight friends and trusted allies with him. He had also been seen in pictures with former Nigeria’s  Vice President Atiku Abubakar who also stays in Dubai. He and Davido were quite close and pictures of them abound on the internet. See Hushpuppi and Davido photo below:

hushpuppy and davido photo together, cyber crime report

In fact, at Davido’s brother’s wedding in Dubai recently, Hushpuppi was seen spraying $100 notes like it was going out of fashion while cavorting with guests like a member of the family. Following his recent ordeal, same Davido, and many other celebrities and bootlickers, like Tosin Adegbite, Toke Makinwa, have unfollowed him on Instagram.

Hushpuppi as he is popularly called used social media as his rallying point for his show of opulence. He was an avid user of Instagram, the photo and video-sharing social networking service where he had delved into an influencer of sort and not too long ago celebrated hitting 2 million followers. On the photos and videos sharing social network, Ray Hushpuppi gleefully posted the kind of luxury legitimate money makers would not allow the world to see.

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This is because no legal business man, or hustler would want to waste his fortunes on designers customized clothes, jewelries, wristwatches, and fast super cars, in addition to a lot of women, probably Dubai porta potties who are  willing to eat his shits for his money. His excuse was; “I post few of these things so that someone can see my page someday and decide not to give up.” Many of Nigeria’s male and female celebrities,  openly courted and fawned over his page, liking and commenting on his posts while literally tripping over themselves to be noticed by the young money man. He carried himself like a legit business man whereas he was a criminal benefiting from numerous cyber crimes.

hushpuppi and cyber criminal, cyber crime report

Prior to hushpuppy’s cyber crimes busting and his subsequent arrest, show of obscene opulence, raw wealth and flagrant flamboyance seeped through the Instagram star’s page. Ramon Hushpuppi, the young man popularly known as ‘Gucci billionaire’, literally made hard working young men in his home country Nigeria, and elsewhere around the looked stupid via his constant show of obscene wealth and opulence which had a huge negative psychological impact on the legit hustling young minds, who always thought that their best efforts at making money and becoming wealthy in life is not good enough to match Hushpuppi kinda money and wealth. To crown it all, Hushpuppy was foul-mouthed even knowing full well that he was into cyber crimes.

Welcome to the world of Hushpuppy, the wealthy young man who commands relentless fawning and obsequiousness from celebrities, politicians and ordinary global citizens, particularly from his home country Nigeria, and country of residence Dubai.

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Despite being aware that his money and wealth were not flowing from genuine sources but cyber crimes, Hushpuppy was not modest and low key about his vast fortune; he constantly displays it for the world to see through his fast cars and other expensive products – his garage was regarded as one of the top most expensive fleets in Dubai – his rock-star globetrotting to the most idyllic locations in the world and designer wears.

Furthermore, Hushpuppi fancied expensive champagnes and cognacs and bought them in clubs whether in Dubai or Abu Dhabi in tray-loads. Whichever club he appeared, he made it rained drinks and money. And the ladies (Dubai Porta Potties) love him for his generosity and living la Vida Loca lifestyle while the men kowtow before him for living their wildest fantasies.

Without doubt, Ray Hushpuppy, the extravagant Dubai-based socialite, and Instagram star mastered the art of living large and loud to the awe and admiration of global citizens but he didn’t learn what it means to walk alone, down an abyss where there is no end in sight or friends, hangers-on and a fawning fandom to cheer him on. The young man allowed the cheering and commendations he got from people all over the world got into his head and beclouded his reasoning.

We believe that Ray Hushpuppy has learned his lessons but he did that too late. On the contrary this cyber crime report article about him should serve as a warning to aspiring cyber criminal.

Many now wonder why a person who engages in cyber crimes and makes stupendous money out of it would still have the nerves to come on social media to show it off, and rub it on the faces of all the genuine hard working young people across the world? In my own opinion, maybe such attitude did give orgasm he needed constant praises so he could cum hard over and over again in orgasms. Although too late at the moment, he must be learning in regrets now that he is in the custody of FBI facing trials.

He must have learnt that low key is all important when one knows that he is getting his money through crimes. Hushpuppy was not alone, he has other disciples and partners in cyber crimes. Notable amongst them is Mr Woodberry who was arrested alongside him by International Police, INTERPOL, in Dubai. They last straw that broke the camels back was their involvement in an alleged $35 million ventilator scam. All in all, the hitherto Dubai based socialite was not smart as he claimed for he unknowingly gave himself away to the authorities.

The Fall Of Cyber Crime Criminal Instagram Star Who Doubled As Cyber Crime Star

The Instagram show-off star called as “Hushpuppi” tooled around the world in a Ferrari and a Maybach, ordered crates of champagne at nightclubs and sported $150,000 diamond-festooned wristwatches. He claimed his luggage traveled in its own Rolls-Royce. He kept warm on private jets by covering himself in a Louis Vuitton blanket. Boasting about his wealth while calling some of his 2.5 million Instagram followers “peasants,” Hushpuppi also appeared to have an ego that was criminally large.

ray hushpuppy, cyber crime report

The same could be said for his alleged professions: money launderer, perpetrator of wire fraud and Internet scam artist.

In June, the 37-year-old was arrested in Dubai.  A court document claims he and co-conspirators “[targeted] victims around the world in schemes designed to steal hundreds of millions of dollars.” Hushpuppi is charged with conspiring to launder that money.

They’re alleged to have swindled millions through an online scheme known as “business email compromise”: Basically, they created email addresses just a couple letters off from ones for law firms and other “businesses that perform wire-transfer payments,” according to a Secret Service agent who investigates these types of crimes. Victims are tricked into sending money to bank accounts that the criminals control.

“These crimes are heartbreaking,” Brian Krebs, the editor of, told The Post. “Victims send payments to the wrong place and, nine times out of ten, the money is gone.”

Below is a video clip showing the moment of his arrest

While trying to legitimatize his opulence lifestyle from questioning, Hushpuppi claims to have accumulated his $20 million net worth through real estate investing. He underscored the point to his Instagram followers with virtual tours of his suite at the Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai, where everything from the sofas to the dinner plates bears the design house’s imprimatur. Never mind that the local rich consider the building gauche.

“If you’re from UAE, you don’t stay in Palazzo Versace,” a Dubai socialite sniffed to The Post. She once met Hushpuppi at a party but didn’t know who he was — which no doubt cut the influencer like a knife. “He said, ‘Hi, I’m Hush’ and talked about being an influencer,” she recalled. “ I was, like, ‘Hush?’ I thought I misheard him.”

Following the account given by a Nigerian newspaper, The Cable, Hushpuppi was born Ramon Abbas and bred in a poor bustling Lagos neighborhood, with a cab driver father and a mother who sold bread by the side of the road. Hushpuppi himself washed cars before falling into a seedy underworld.

That’s where he reportedly learned about Yahoo Yahoo. Named for the company that was once the sole web provider in Nigeria, it was a moniker used for a number of Internet frauds.

“The most common format involved pretending to be an American soldier stranded in Africa,” Femi Owolabi, a journalist at The Cable, told The Post. “They would send emails, requesting money for help, to people in America.”

Hushpuppi allegedly had a knack for Yahoo Yahoo and “he became a rising star . . . Then he went to South Africa and met people who showed him how to do it [at a higher level].”

After his first big score, he bought a Rolex and posted pictures of it online.

Over a matter of years, he moved on to Malaysia and the UAE, allegedly growing the scam along the way. Owolabi called Hushpuppi “the ring leader” and said, “he had a broad network. He could sit there and relax and make money.”

But it wasn’t simply enough to “make” the money, or even to spend it. His posts on Instagram go back to 2012 and grow increasingly more ostentatious over time.

 Instagrammer Ramon “Hushpuppi” Abbas, Cyber Crimes & Cyber Criminals: The Rise And Fall Of Instagram Star Ray Hushpuppy
Instagrammer Ramon “Hushpuppi” AbbasInstagram

They also take on a tinge of nastiness. A photo showing the interior of his Rolls Royce is captioned “This post is just to hurt my enemies.” A gorgeously arranged plate of nouvelle cuisine puts out the message, “Hope y’all ate today.”

His followers ate it up: “Bossman Hush” and “Literally my motivation,” they commented.

Unlike a lot of online braggarts, who might rent a luxury car to pose in front of, Hushpuppi’s spoils were apparently legit. A representative at the private jet charter company Jetex confirmed that he flew with them. An employee in the luxe Dubai Mall told The Post: “He was in here everyday.”

ray hushpuppy, cyber criminal

Meanwhile, Hushpuppi was being watched by the FBI and Interpol. And being a show-off is what brought him down.

On Oct. 12, 2018, he posted a photo of his birthday cake — topped with a figurine of him alongside seven Fendi shopping bags, he seemed to love that product. That helped investigators confirm his date of birth and track him to a visa application.

When a SWAT team pushed into suite 1802 at the Palazzo Versace in June, they found designer goods and bundles of cash. Between Hushpuppi and 11 others, officials report recovering $40 million in cash, 13 automobiles collectively worth $6.8 million, 47 smartphones and some 2 million email addresses of potential victims.

Hush was apprehended as part of a raid, dubbed Operation Foxhunt 2, that took down a dozen Nigerians living in Dubai. They stand accused of running scams that netted some $456 million.

Hushpuppi, thought to be a leader of the gang, was transported to Los Angeles. His lawyer, Gal Pissetzky, maintained that his client earns money as an influencer.

A statement from Nigeria’s government says that its Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is familiar with “grisly details of [Hushpuppi’s] money laundering transactions.”

According to the Secret Service agent: “[Criminals] usually target businesses that regularly perform wire-transfer payments.” The scams begin when “an employee of the business has an email discussion with a client. It gets intercepted” — through social engineering or hacking or via codes purchased on the dark web — “and then there is a request [from the crooks posing as the client] for a transfer of funds.”

Intercepted texts show Hushpuppi giving orders and receiving progress reports. On the alleged laundering of $14.7 million, possibly stolen from a bank in Malta, Hushpuppi appeared to oversee the juggling of bank accounts.

His followers have turned on him. One past post showed Hushpuppi chilling in designer garb with the caption, “The God I serve doesn’t want me to struggle . . .”

Post-arrest, a commenter gloated by saying, “Guess God putting you in jail.”

Finally,Hushpuppy would be remembered as one of the once upon a time cyber criminal who led the most opulence lifestyle fueled by series of cyber crimes to the cheering of global citizenry mostly the young who often wish to be like him without a question of how he makes his money then. This post summarizes by saying: If your money is not pure, do not do social media

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Hope you enjoyed this cyber crime report about Ray Hushpuppy the internet fraudster that masqueraded as a legit business man for 4 years before being exposed and nabbed. We promise to bring you more cyber crime report stories of other arrested cyber criminals from around the world.

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