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Top 20 Dubai Business Ideas For Dubai Economic Migrants

Dubai business ideas! What is the best business to start in Dubai? Dubai, United Arab Emirate is a wonderful city filled with intriguing business  and tourism friendly infrastructures. The city is currently among the top ten most visited cities from around the world. Most visit Dubai on tourism ground, while some others visit on business establishment and transactional purposes. However, majority of foreigners who are currently based in Dubai, and living the best life which, hitherto, they never thought could be possible few years ago arrived Dubai as economic migrants. This set of people – we refer to as economic migrants – now own some flourishing businesses on the streets of Dubai and are currently making serious money out of their business ventures. Now as someone aspiring to migrate or visit Dubai for business purpose what are your answers to questions such as: What is the most profitable business in Dubai? What are the most profitable small businesses?

As a prospective business person in Dubai, you are not expected to go higher than you can cope. The best rule of thumb is to start small, and grow up gradually as you gain experience overtime. Remember, a journey of a thousand mile begins with a step forward. So, what are the best small business ideas in Dubai…I mean, the dubai business ideas that you can start small and grow bigger tomorrow? No idea right? Well, do not worry for we have compiled a list of top 20 Dubai business ideas for you.

This business ideas are ideal and feasible for growth, particularly, if you are low on finance budget. On the contrary, starting a business in Dubai is very easy when you have enough capital. But, for the sake of people with limited capital this to 20 profitable Dubai business ideas is for you. We have painstakingly compiled them for your consumption.

Note: If you want to start a business and you do not have enough cash to spend as capital, then you have to be careful of the business you chose. Just lower your standard to accommodate other business ideas for there are numerous profitable businesses with low capital investment that you can comfortably engage in Dubai. Just find a profitable business with small investment and start when you get to Dubai, and helpfully, we have compiled the list of top 20 Dubai business ideas for you below.


dubai business ideas


The Top 20 Profitable Business Ideas For Economic Migrants In Dubai

1. Electric Store Business:

When you get to Dubai, you can invest in electronic store business, and start selling different electronic items/appliances. You can even make more sales by taping into the power of the internet, and augment your sales by selling online.

In Dubai, it is considered a low cost business with high margin in profit delivery.


2. Car Washing Business – Profitable business ventures  in Dubai

Opening a car washing centre in Dubai is a very lucrative business. Dubai is a very buzzling city with many expensive and exotic cars plying every nooks and cranny of the city. As the rich dudes there would always find it difficult to wash their cars by themselves, they would always seek to out source the task to car washing centers in Dubai. So it is high time you tapped into this goldmine.


3. Mini Mart – Profitable business ventures  in Dubai

Combine the selling of food and uncommon items like cosmetics, and even join make-up artistry. Then go online and market your business fervently to attract unlimited customers. Create awareness in every public invent and you are good to go and also on the right track to making money


4. Billiard Cafe Business – Profitable business ventures  in Dubai

This a new and trendy business. Most importantly, it is easy to set up for its low cost on investment budgeting.


5. Packer And Mover – Profitable business ventures  in Dubai

Moving clients furnitures and other equipment. It is easier and unique business venture.


6. Driving School – Dubai Business Idea

Establishing a driving school where you teach people how to drive, traffic rules, and the meaning of various traffic signs for a fee is a very cool business. All you have to do is to acquire a few cars with your driving school name boldly written on either sides of each car. Then rent a space, and erect a mini office at a corner within the rented land space. Boom! you are ready for business. 


7. Tourist Guide – Dubai Business Idea

Dubai has a robust economy, courtesy of her tourism sector. By the way, did you know that Dubai’s economy is about 60% tourism driven. Any business set up around tourism in the country blossoms. That is why you should key into the tourists oriented kind of business and make money for yourself. Set up an office where people who are coming into Dubai for the first time would come for tourism guidance with regards to attraction sites, hotels and resorts for a befitting experience, etc.


8. Fitness Center – Dubai Business Idea


9. Signage Service – Dubai Business Idea


10. Security Agency – Dubai Business Idea


11. Coffee Shop – Dubai Business Idea


12. Lunch Box Delivery – Dubai Business Idea


13. Plumbing and Electricity Service – Dubai Business Idea


14. Party Event Planner/Organizer – Dubai Business Idea


15. Sell Medical Equipment


16. Car Modification


17. Room Rental Service


18. Sewing And Fashion Business


19. Courier Service


20. Recruitment Agency

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