Dubai Porta Potty Meaning: Connotational Meaning Of Dubai Porta Potty

The first connotation would talk about porta potties in the real and actual sense of it, while the second implied connotation talks about human behavioral depravity that equates all that a porta potty stands for in the first connotation.

By the time you are done reading articles on the term Dubai Porta Potty, you will have understood perfectly all about the popular term, Porta Potty, and by extension, the real meaning of Dubai Porta Potty ( and Dubai Porta Potties Business). Only then, you will be in a better position to join us or not in this lucrative business for it is not for the faint-hearted.

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Dubai Porta Potty meaning

The First Connotational Meaning Of Porta Potty

A  Porta Potty a.k.a Portable toilet – see pic. above – is an  expensive portable movable/mobile toilet usually rented  as makeshift toilet system for events that attract high gatherings of people such as political rallies, sporting events, religious camping, etc.

Some porta potty types can be carried by one person, while some by means of mechanical equipment such as a truck and crane. Most types do not require any pre-existing services or infrastructure, such as sewerage, but are completely self-contained.

The renting price of porta potties are usually high because of the value system it provides. Porta potties are used in the same manner a normal rest room is used. They also have inbuilt system that deodorizes and masked off inherent odor that emanates from human wastes.


The Second Implied Connotational Meaning Of Porta Potty

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Now, we shall tell you the real meaning of the term Porta Potty in relation to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and the World at large.

In this connotation, a porta potty is an expensive escorts bought by rich Arab and European men to go on “yacht parties” for $30,000+ a piece. In reality these women are brought onto these boats to get shit and pissed on in the same manner that  a portable toilet described above is used, hence the name Porta Potties.

Furthermore, these ladies that have volunteered to work as porta potties are dehumanized in every way possible after which $30 to $40k plus are handed out as payment to them on weekly run of services to these super rich clients.


Human Portable Toilets

Dubai Porta Potty Rentals

Now that we feel you have the understanding of what a porta potty means,  Dubai Porta Potty stands specifically for escorts we do hook to clients in the UAE, particularly, Dubai  for the sole purpose of porta potty business where they get paid about $40 per week services.

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