dubai porta potty video

Dubai Porta Potty Video (see video below) is one of the most sought after videos on the internet. For after what we talked about Dubai Porta Potty on our front page, most people are now eager to behold a glimpse of what is actually enshrined in that term.

Here on this Dubai porta potty video is one of the porta potties – a black porta potty business lady, probably a well celebrated social media star (Instagram Model), being p**ped on for huge $ reward after which she will come on social media to flaunt her proceeds from the nasty porta potty business notably, luxury products (hand bags, shoes, wrist watches, cars, clothes, hand gold & silver chains, and artificial hair attachments), and services she receives from luxury spas, hotels, and resorts. etc.

It may interest you to know that what you are seeing on this video below is a tip of an iceberg in comparison to what is going on in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

This one on this Dubai porta potty video after passing disgustingly through this will come off as an instagram star, or a social media influencer of some sort intimidating people to the admiration of unsuspecting youngsters who would be dreaming to be like her.

We dont want you to be a porta potty but if you wish to be one: then, you can checkout: how to become a porta potty in Dubai

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