Free Cat Coin Mining: Make Money Mining Cat Coin On Catstar App


Cat Coin Mining On Catstar App: Hey guys, do you know, you can make a million naira this December mining in Catstar?

Listen guys, you may have missed out on sure soon-to-be-launched coins like Satoshi Core, PI, Aloshi, Seid, Punkpanda, etc., well here is an opportunity to make up for your loss.

Remember, there are many ways to make money from the crypto space, it could be from spot trading, future , arbitrage, mining etc. In the cast of Cat mining, you are sure to make it big trading it on several exchange platforms like Coinbase, and Binance, etc., comes January 2023.

The bottom like is that If you missed out on these tokens, please don’t miss CAT.

Once again, remember that you have absolutely nothing to lose. It doesn’t cost you anything, it is free and only requires; a smart phone, internet connection and logging in every 12 hours for mining.

On 31st December the withdrawal for USDT will commence/become active and many people are going to cash out.

Start your own mining now and share the below link with friends before it becoms to late or ends.

How To Create Account On CAT - Cat Registration

  1. Click this link to register and start mining immediately
  2. Download the app and start mining, Catstar app is available only on Android use this 4UST12 to register and join our team for more earnings, you earn more as a team.

It is a legitimate project for free Web3, you can swap your CAT coin to USDT after December 31st.

Catstar Login

To login, open your catstart app and enter your login information. Mind you, mining cycle is 12 hours, you must always check your app at least every 12 hours from the start of the time you clicked start mining.

This is important if you don’t want to loose time that you could have used to mine thousands of cat coin.

The bottom line is that you should Login after every 12 hours for mining – so as to click mining in other to let in another 12 hours of mining.

NB: You are required to click the start button for mining when login. It cost you nothing.

What Is CATSTAR Coin Price?

Cat Star Price
CatCoin Value

At present the basic Cat Coin mining rate is 0.02 CAT/S – it is bound to appreciate. See…don’t compare it with the above screenshot for it was taken when the value of one cat coin mining rate was at 0.01 Cat/S. As at this morning the value is at 0.03 Cats/S.

Invite others to start mining to earn more. Team rate is equal to basic rate. Assuming 10 friends joined today and started online mining, 10%x10 = 0.02 multiply by 3 will give you 0.06.

This promo will last only but few days. The more friends online the higher the mining rate, the more CAT revenue received, there is no upper limit.

The global cumulative members of the core version of Catstar has exceeded 700000. This is an exiting news, it represents another important milestone for CAT.

The increase of active members represent increase of the commercial value. As the only token of the platform Cat’s value potential will also increase simultaneously. After the adjustment the asset valuation in your account will increase . The next small target is 700000 active members.

Catstart login
Catstar price

Catstar NFT

Their exclusive NFT box will be available for sale in the nearest future. Invite friends as official team bring in more benefit to early members who have given their trust and support to the platform.

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