World Police Summit

World Police Summit in Dubai to Highlight Role of K9 Units In law Enforcement

Dubai: The role of police dogs in search and rescue missions will be in focus at the K9 International Conference during the World Police Summit organised by Dubai Police on March 5-7.

The conference, one of seven at the summit, will feature 10 expert presentations from police leaders around the globe and cover deployment techniques, challenges and health issues that impact the operational capabilities of K9 dogs.Prominent speakers include Alois Balog, President of International Search and Rescue Dog Organisation, and Alexander Hoenel, Deputy Head of Deployment — International Rescue Dog Association.

Experts will delve into training methodologies and health issues of police dogs, such as gastrointestinal diseases, and dietary needs.

Lt Col Salah Al Mazroui, Director of the Dubai Police Security Inspection Department K9, highlighted the indispensable role of police dogs in law enforcement, from security checks to detecting drugs and searching for missing people. He emphasised that K9 units are fundamental partners in global crime prevention, supporting law enforcement agencies in evidence gathering, and detecting banned substances and explosives.Rudy Perez, Assistant Chief of Police in Golden Valley, Minnesota, said: “K9 units are not just a tool, but an important part of our law enforcement family, providing irreplaceable capabilities.”Perez also shed light on the challenges facing K9 units today, including budget constraints and the need for specialised training. “K9 units require adequate funding, proper care and continuous training to meet the evolving demands of law enforcement,” he said.He stressed the importance of community and private sector partnerships in supporting K9 units, such as donations for equipment, training, and veterinary care.

Perez also touched on the potential of integrating technology with K9 capabilities, mentioning the emergence of “drone dogs” and other technological innovations that complement the work of K9 units.

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