Porta Potties: How To Become A Porta Potty In Dubai

Have you been hearing about the luxury lifestyle that porta potty ladies are leading, and you obviously wish to join them, but however, you do not know how to join them in the business of porta potty? Do no not worry, we would tell you how you can easily become one of the most sought after porta potties in the world. We promise you that by the time you are through…reading this article
Porta potties

Porta Potties: Do You Want To Become A Porta Potty In Dubai? Know This Below

Have you been hearing about the luxury lifestyle that porta potty ladies are leading, and you obviously wish to join them, but however, you do not know how to join them in the business of porta potty?  Do no not worry, we would tell you how you can easily become one of the most sought after porta potties in the world. We promise you that by the time you are through…reading this article, you will have understood perfectly how you can become the next most sought after porta potty in Dubai. Although, it may take time depending on your level of dedication.

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It may interest you to know that the term Dubai Porta potty job is not really what a sane person would really want to be identified with. It is a code name and also a derogatory one as such used when discussing women of easy virtues who have taken there insatiable lust for money to a whole new higher level by their action of engaging in the most degrading se*x*al fetishes and practices upon the demands of their local and international clientele.

See our Dubai Porta Potty front page to see video and get the real gist.

Dubai Porta Potty is a term used in reference to obscene prostitution, and in elaboration of the depravity of modern day women, and its peculiarity to Dubai, UAE geospace. Mind you, we also have human portable toilets in America,and other geolocations. However, Dubai location holds the key to the porta potty business.

Furthermore, the term depicts how low most of today’s women  can go just for the sake of money to fund their wishful luxury lifestyle.

Why are we talking about depravity in this porta potty business, even when we have agents running the business?

Answer: Although we have agents all around the World who are assigned the duty of pimping ladies to high paying clients in Dubai, and other geolocations in return for their own benefits, we still have to engage you with clear conscience just in the same moral declaration and manner with which tobacco companies reminds you that ”Smokers are liable to die young”, even as they still produce and sell to consumers.

We are also reminding you this because we feel that you might not properly know or understand what the terminology stands for before going ahead and following the steps we have given below.

We discovered that most people would jump at anything, wish for anything, etc., without sound and proper understanding of the working principles involved. What moves them is what they see, particularly on social media, and secondly what they feel can benefit.

However, if you have through our front page and fully understood what the term means, but still want to join the business of porta potty for the Kings and queens kinda luxury lifestyles that are always displayed on social media by some ladies who are taunted as prostitutes masquerading as models on social media, particularly, the self-acclaimed Instagram models, read on and go ahead to implement the steps below and join the  porta potties who eat poop for a living.

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how to become a dubai porta potty

Steps To Becoming A Porta Potty In Dubai

Here, we are going to give you 3 proven methods that can get you into the Dubai Porta Potty business easily.

Method 1: Meet Our Agents

One of the surest ways of joining the Dubai Porta Potty Business is to speak to our agents now that you are on our site. We have many agents that run Porta Potty global business connections for clients irrespective of their faith, race and countries, and here on this site we have featured the WhatsApp contact for one of our certified agents with great business connections  accomplishments. You can chat him up and follow his instructions and you will be  good to go if you do not understand the following instruction, below.

How To Pay For Our Dubai Porta Potty Business Gigs/Plugs

Criteria to consider before reaching out:

  • Make sure that you are between the ages of 18 – 40, both sexes.
  • You must not be married at the time of reaching out for our service.
  • You must be free of all STIs/STDs (Sexually Transmitted Infections/Disease).
  • You must be s*xually skilled and active.
  • You must be bodily endowed and if not, you should make up for that by being facially pretty, and s*xually skilled.

Payment Methods For Making Payment For Our Intermediary Services:

Having passed the points above, it is assumed that it is high time you made your enrollment fee payment for our service. It may interest you to know that we only accept payments in Crypto currency, Perfect Money,  Webmoney Payments. and Buy Me A Coffee. Listed  Payment channels and methods are via

Service Charges For Dubai Porta Potty Business Connections:

We charge differently for our intermediary business. Africans,  Asians, Europeans and Americans are charged differently in consideration of respective regional economic and purchasing powers. 

our service charge for Africans and Asians are respectively pegged at $100 and $150 per connection gig, while Americans and Europeans are charged $350 and $300 respectively. Southern Americans service charge is pegged at $200.

However, at every Yuletide seasons, we charge a flat rate of $100 for all region for it is bonanza observation for all regions.

Payment Method Links and Wallet Addresses

Binance ID No.


Bitcoin wallet address: 1HrM68V3ZYnrvKzNzV9o1HoRyB5KoPkie3


WMZ: Z769581984559,

WMT: T550916959608,

WMX: X730584714743

Perfect Money Wallet



Buy Me A Coffee

You can use our Buy Me A Coffee link to pay for our intermediary business enrollment fee also, Just follow the links here

After A Successful Payment Actions

When you are done with a successful payment, do not hesitate to send us proof of successful payment to the email and also the WhatsApp phone number listed here. It could be a screenshot or any other identifiable proofs with reference numbers IDs. Do also send in your names afterwards. 

Secondly, you are to also send in your pictures and follow further instructions from our email and WhatsApp attendants.

Email address: osetventures@gmail.com

Whatsapp no. : +2347066805591

Method 2: Go Social Media Way

It is time to tap into the power of the various social media sites that we have today. How often do you use social media? If you are the type that use Social Media on the fringe style, and you still want to be a porta potty in Dubai and elsewhere, then you have to step up your game.

Mind you, the world is a global village. The internet has made that possible. As a prostitute who wishes to expand her trade, we enjoin you to explore and use the power of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter, etc., to your advantage. Use them properly and get noticed by potential clients oversea. Who knows…? You might be a few clicks away to a successful venture into Dubai Porta Potty Business.

The scope here is to choose one or two of the top social media networks, preferably Instagram and Twitter. Then go ahead, and grow your followership on the platforms. You can hasten the process of growing your social media followers by using some online tools, some of which are free, and others premium – we shall list them here on this site later. Try to grow it to thousands of followers. 

Note: For credibility, make sure that you are following very few people, than are following you. For instance, if you garner 100,000 followers, do not follow more than 5000 people. The followers and your following ratio will lend more credence to you. For more people who come across your profile will be tempted to follow you. Furthermore, it gives you edge to others who are aspiring to becoming porta potties in Dubai and other locations.

While you grow your page on your chosen social media platforms, endeavor to always upload mostly racy, and semi nude photos for this move will get you attracted to those in the porta potty prostitution ring who might want to do business with you. 

Rewrite your bio by writing something like: Hi, I am Olivia James. A model, Social media Influencer, and Dancer. Contact me for Booking.

You will be marveled at the number of persons that would be contacting you for business purpose bordering on adult stuffs. It is incumbent on you to accept the offers that would be promising you an all expense trip to Dubai and other locations.

However, you have to be very careful as you select where to go ply your trade

This above is one proven and tested way on how to become a Dubai Porta potty.

Method 3: Contact Already Established Suspected Porta Potties

There is a saying that no man is an island. On this we enjoin you to look for contacts online and offline. Send DMs to already established selections of ladies that you suspect are into porta potty business. Ask them to link you up with their agent.

Chat them up privately to see if they can help and link you up.

NB: See step 1 above. We have an agent already for you. All you have to do is to contact him via the floating Whatsapp banner at the bottom right corner of the screen, pay his consultation and link up fees and follow his instructions and get linked up to financially high powered clients from the UAE, and other locations around the World.

This step 2 on how you can become a porta potty in Dubai is necessary because you might not want the stress involved in growing a social media handle to an influential level to attract the agents yourself. However, here on this website, we have one certified agent for you CLICK the WhatsApp floating banner at the bottom right corner of your screen to get hooked up asap.


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