How To Join Dubai Porta Potty Business

One of the surest ways to join Dubai Porta Potty Business is by following the step highlighted here without further delay that is if you must cash out big.

We have assigned agents now that are working on contract with our platform. It may interest you to know that we have many agents that run global Dubai Porta Potty business connections for clients (Service Clients and Super Clients) via our platform. They do this irrespective of a client’s faith, race and countries.

Nevertheless, here on this site we have featured the chronological steps anyone interested can follow so as to join Dubai Porta Potty Business and start making huge bucks for oneself while our assigned agents make theirs as intermediaries after each enrollment.

NB: After a successful enrollment fee payment, kindly send your payment proof and name to the email address or WhatsApp number below so that any of the assigned agents can confirm it by forwarding your proof to the finance our team.

After confirmation of your payment, the onboarding team would then enroll/onboard you for actual hooking up for business.

However, on some relevant pages of our website, we have also featured a WhatsApp Banner for our Assigned agents.

The Below Steps are as presented by our assigned agents.

How To Pay For Our Dubai Porta Potty Business Gigs/Plugs

Criteria to consider before reaching out to us:

  • Make sure that you are between the age range of 18 – 40, both sexes.
  • You must not be actively married at the time of reaching out for our service.
  • You must be free of all STIs/STDs (Sexually Transmitted Infections/Disease).
  • You must be s*xually skilled and active.
  • You must be bodily endowed and if not, you should make up for that by being facially pretty, and s*xually skilled.

Payment Methods For Making Payment For Our Intermediary Services:

Having passed the points above, it is assumed that it is high time you made your enrollment fee payment for our service. It may interest you to know that we only accept payments in Crypto currency, Perfect Money,  Webmoney Payments. and Buy Me A Coffee. Listed  Payment channels and methods are via

Service Charges For Dubai Porta Potty Business Connections:

We charge differently for our intermediary business. Africans,  Asians, Europeans and Americans are charged differently in consideration of respective regional economic and purchasing powers. 

our service charge for Africans and Asians are respectively pegged at $100 and $150 per connection gig, while Americans and Europeans are charged $350 and $300 respectively. Southern Americans service charge is pegged at $200.

However, at every Yuletide seasons, we charge a flat rate of $100 for all region for it is bonanza observation for all regions and in the spirit of the season.

Payment Method Links and Wallet Addresses

Binance ID No.


Bitcoin wallet address: 1HrM68V3ZYnrvKzNzV9o1HoRyB5KoPkie3


WMZ: Z769581984559,

WMT: T550916959608,

WMX: X730584714743

Perfect Money Wallet



Buy Me A Coffee

You can use our Buy Me A Coffee link to pay for our intermediary business enrollment fee also, Just follow the links here

After A Successful Payment Actions

When you are done with a successful payment, do not hesitate to send us proof of successful payment to the email and also the WhatsApp phone number listed here. It could be a screenshot or any other identifiable proofs with reference numbers IDs. Do also send in your names afterwards. Nevertheless, It takes approximately on average two weeks to get you traveling. Cheers!!! You have made it big.

Let sound it as a warning, you must send in your payment proofs, names, country, and your fine pictures, either to, or both the email address and WhatsApp contact number you see below. Do not break communication so as to follow further instructions from via our email and WhatsApp attendants.

Email address:

Whatsapp no. : +2347066805591

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