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Arab Media Forum 2023: UAE launches 100 practical applications for generative AI in media

In the heart of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates has unveiled a compendium offering a diverse array of 100 practical applications and utilization scenarios for generative Artificial Intelligence, tailored explicitly for UAE-based media professionals and content creators.

This comprehensive manual, aptly titled ‘One Hundred Practical Use Cases and Applications of Generative AI in the Media Sphere,’ received its inauguration courtesy of His Excellency Omar bin Sultan AlOlama, the UAE’s Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications, during the 21st edition of the Arab Media Forum held on a Tuesday.

In the pages of this guidebook, the transformative capabilities of generative AI take center stage, elucidating how various AI functionalities may be harnessed to craft a multitude of media genres, encompassing both visual and written content. The Minister eloquently expounded upon the guidebook’s contents, affirming its detailed delineation of real-world scenarios where AI-driven applications like Humata, Spikes, Adobe Firefly, You Learn, and can shine. Furthermore, it imparts valuable insights into leveraging ChatGPT for tasks ranging from scriptwriting to news aggregation, statistical analysis, and keeping abreast of the latest developments.


Will AI replace reporters?

A perennial question in the media landscape pertains to the potential obsolescence of human reporters at the hands of AI. Minister AlOlama, adopting a judicious stance, stated, “The prospect of AI completely supplanting journalists is a monumental conjecture, and I anticipate this eventuality to remain distant on the horizon. For AI to be wielded effectively and ethically, human oversight is indispensable.”

Elaborating further, he expounded, “A human presence is essential for refining, supervising, and originating content. What AI accomplishes is the replacement of conventional functionalities within media content creation; for instance, it obviates the necessity for green screens.”

In addition, AlOlama underscored the educational value of AI systems, emphasizing their pivotal role in personal growth. He asserted, “It is imperative to recognize that AI technologies are not without flaws. However, when they are aptly harnessed, they have the potential to augment mainstream content and significantly enrich the learning experience.”


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Arabic Content

Turning the spotlight towards the Arabic language, Minister AlOlama reaffirmed the UAE’s commitment to nurturing an authentic Arab and Emirati presence within AI-powered content generation. Arabic, spoken by more than 420 million individuals, ranks as the fifth most prevalent language globally. Nonetheless, the dearth of Arabic language resources and software tools poses a formidable hurdle to programming development within the Arab world, as the majority of software applications predominantly support English and other foreign languages. “Our aspiration is for these technologies to be nurtured and cultivated right here in the UAE, ultimately leading to a surge in Arabic content production,” he proclaimed.

Mona Ghanem Al Marri, Vice President and Managing Director of the Dubai Media Council, and the President of the Dubai Press Club, weighed in on the matter, asserting, “In the presence of generative artificial intelligence tools, it becomes imperative to align the Emirati and Arab media landscape with these technological advancements.” She further emphasized that such alignment is instrumental in reshaping the current and future landscape of media, ensuring the UAE’s prominence in soft power indicators and global media domains. “The new era ushered in by generative artificial intelligence also underscores the imperative of honing the skills of our youth.”

This two-day forum encompasses more than 75 sessions featuring insights from 130 speakers and the active participation of 160 media organizations.

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