Dubai Porta Potty Stories

Dubai Porta Potty Stories

In a city that epitomizes opulence, the ugly Dubai porta potty stories have continued to paint the good image of the entire city of Dubai black.  Let’s embark on a journey through the untold narratives of Dubai’s most grotesque dealings as experienced by crop of lazy folks that want to make good money, lead the lifestyles exclusively reserved for the royalty  without the usual day-to-day.

Dubai porta potty stories
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The city of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates is one of the world’s most visited tourists attractions and destinations, thanks to the city’s futuristic skyline and its cultural gems.

In fact, little wonder why Dubai is a melting pot of experiences waiting to be explored and that is why many visitors (tourists, business men, politicians, and shoppers, etc.) flock to the city.

However, behind all the allures and opulence lay the dirtiest business that is highly lucrative but seems incomprehensible to the sane with regards to why anyone would engage in such disgusting business.

This business in question is what is known as Dubai Porta Potty Business from which the Dubai Porta Potty Stories stems.

Reminding you about what the Dubai Porta Potty business is all about.

Well, It is a business where ladies and  guys are rented used as latrine by the super rich resident in/or on visiting tour to Dubai.  After which,  they  washed up these human porta potties with large sums of money ($40k – $50k per week on tourists visa), paid into their respective cryptos wallets.

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On the other hand, these porta potty ladies/guys use the big buck made to buy expensive clothes, shoes, bags, wristwatches and brace laces, etc., to cover the oozing stench of their inner decay and depravity. 

However at the tail end of their stint in the business, many of them have told several stories about what they experienced while working as porta potties and those Dubai Porta Potty stories have been summarized here on this post.  

The nitty gritty of what Dubai Porta Potty Stories are all about

The stories of Dubai porta potties and their trade encapsulate the dirty business done by ladies and guys of easy virtue.  The business involves dehumanizing acts such as eating poops and getting pooped on, spat on, in addition to getting sexually degraded in the most grotesque and repulsive manner  for a lump sum of money paid in US dollars.

Mind you that not even a slave is treated in such manner

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The Dubai Porta Potty stories are some of the stories that call people’s attention to the dark side of Dubai, UAE. These stories came to people’s attention following the confessions made by people (porta potties) who have first hand experience while engaging in the dirty Dubai Porta Potty Business, although now retired.

Now to grab further clue to further stories of Dubai Porta Potty and its business orientation we have to visit a page to read through some of the confessions made by retired porta poties.

Now, follow the link on this paragraph to read through the horses mouths as they confessed by telling stories about what they passed through in the hands of the Dubai Billionaires as Dubai Porta Potties.

After all said, if you still wish to join the Dubai Porta Potty Business see the below link asap:

How to become a Dubai Porta Potty

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