Dubai Travel Guide: 7 Tips to Keep in Mind When Visiting the Enchanting City

Dubai Travel Guide: 7 Tips to Keep in Mind When Visiting the Enchanting City

Dubai travel guide

DUBAI TRAVEL GUIDE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Dubai has been one of the most mesmerizing places to visit, from the tall buildings to the hot dunes and with many activities one can indulge in. If you have looked at Dubai as a potential vacation spot you would want to visit next, and if you are wondering about the do’s and don’ts for international travellers upon reaching this place, here is a list that will help you navigate the situation.


Essential travel tips to Dubai

Alcohol laws 

Restaurants and hotels in Dubai offer a wide range of alcohol in a diverse price range. Although the legal drinking age is 21, some places don’t serve customers below 25. You need a liquor license to buy alcohol in the city, and it is not cheap.

It is suggested to buy duty-free alcohol from airport shops but keep in mind that there is a limit to the purchase, and officials will check you. During the holy month of Ramadan, you will hardly find a bar or restaurant serving alcohol, even if you are a tourist or a non-muslim. 


Learn basic Arabic 

Although English is most commonly used in tourist areas, Arabic is Dubai’s official language. You won’t struggle to converse in Dubai’s surrounding neighbourhoods if you speak the local language at an intermediate stage. To strengthen friendships with the residents, it never ends up hurting them to understand a few words in their language. 


Prefer taking medical insurance 

Healthcare in Dubai is progressive and advanced but expensive, and it could be difficult for foreign tourists to endure the costs of medical expenses. It is preferable to take medical insurance in the UAE. At the same time, check for any clauses in the contract of your bank card that might include any protection you pay for the trip. 


Try the middle eastern delicacies 

There is a variety of local and international cuisine that one can try from this place, including Lebanese, Syrian and Iranian, as well as Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian or Moroccan. Malls in Deira have many traditional eateries selling these dishes.


Use public transport

Transport in Dubai is modern and accessible, with metros having 2 lines that stop near the essential hotels, bus routes having more than 100 lines that help you to go to different tourist spots by availing the free stops, taxis and cabs are also cheap in this place. 


Electricity and Emergency trackers 

A list of emergency contacts must be in hand while travelling to Dubai. 220V electricity is accessible in the UAE. So, ensure you have a travel charger and universal adapter. 


Drugs and medications 

Drug abuse is not tolerated in Dubai, where drugs are explicitly forbidden. Do not forget your prescription if you plan to travel carrying medicines. Only bring what you will need for the stay; it is safer. Furthermore, please remember that poppy seeds are forbidden in the UAE source of opium.



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