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What is the average Porta Potty Rental Costs? Like we stated in our previous posts about what porta potty, a.k.a porta a potty means. I think it is important for you to check out our post on how a lady can become a porta potty in Dubai.

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Note: Dubai is not the only city in the world women/guys of easy virtue go to ply their porta potty trade. There are other sharp spots such Las Vegas in The United States, where some well known Porta Potties work at the Spearmint Rhino . They are even smuggled into Saudi Arabia to entertain Saudi Princes.

Furthermore, see this our post page for gory details of what the term porta potty means in relation to the code name: Dubai Porta Potty.

It may interest you to know that the context at which we use the term porta potty is suitable for the message we want to pass to the public concerning the depravity of modern day women.

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Types of Porta Potty Rentals

In the two pictures above, you could see a real porta potty A (left), and a lady B (right) – probably a wh*re.

Like we had described before, a porta potty used in the right context is a mobile toilets system that are deployed to places of large human gatherings, like political campaign, crusade, and concerts, etc., to serve as makeshift mobile restrooms for the attendees of such gatherings who may be presssed.

Whenever, anyone feels pressed he quickly rushes into one of the rented porta potties meant for the crowd of attendees who may be pressed.

The porta potty rentals costs varies from cities to cities across the United States, and those of other countries of the world. However, the cost per one porta potty system (like the one in pic. frame A) should not be above $1000. This is with regards to frame A which is the real porta potty when discussed in the right context.

The Porta potty B is a human, and this is where our main focus lies.

human porta potty

To bring to bare the depravity of modern day women, we hereby use the code name Porta potties in implied connetation to refer to some of the high-class international and local prostitutes who are rented by rich men from opulence towns and cities around the world to come keep them company, an also act as their real human porta potties in fulfillment of repugnant sexual fantasies.

As the term implies, these women/guys are rented/bought, by wealthy, rich men with weird s*xual fetishes, and paid expensively so that they could live out their most degrading, grotesque, and torturous s*xual fetishes, which includes but not limited to getting shit on, pooped in the mouth,  spat, on, and penetrated with unimaginable objects, just for the  Dollars involved.

From their mode of getting used by their clients, these human porta potties are no different from the real porta potties, a.k.a public mobile toilets from which their code name was drawn.

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However, there are some prostituting and escorting agencies that provide porta potty rentals services for these ladies/guys that are plying the ungodly trade.

NB: The Oset Group provide Dubai porta potty business links for all and sundry but under the full consent of parties involved. However, it may interest you to know that their services are not limited to adult business links alone, they also provide links for other morally inclining businesses.

Before, are porta potty gets the job, she must have to be registered and onboarded by a porta porty rentals agency. On our own opinion, these women/men are public toilet for they get shitted on by anyone who rents them for the most disgusting bedtime and in fulfillment of a client’s s*xual fantasies.

Now, what is the Porta Potty rental costs to acquire the women/guys that ply the porta potty trade? In other words, what are Human Porta Potties paid weekly for their services?

Well to answer, we feel that you should know that most of the girls prefer porta a potty business in Dubai for greater pay than in any other locations.

And, what does that tell you about porta potty rentals cost? It simply means that is regionally more lucrative in the Middle-East, and also that the Arabian super rich men seem to be paying more than their counterpart in any other regions of the world, Hence, the popularity of the term Dubai Porta Potty.

Finally, do note the cost of renting a full grown woman/man porta potty is $30k a week on the average, and this depends on varying factors such as the region where the potential clients are booking from, and the level of depravity the potential Porta Potty can endure.

On the hand, the economic conditions of the super rich clients seeking out porta potties also impact the bargain. Nevertheless, the more dirty, depraved, and grotesque the service of a human porta potty becomes, the more the money can get bigger.

On a serious note,  some Human porta potties can expect at least  $10000 a week if connected to the super rich within African soil but could earn higher for their services when connected to the super rich clients in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain, etc.

On the other hand, anather factor that impact the final agreement for a fee might be the level of pomposity. For instance, an American porta potty (porta a potty) might no be moved by that, but would rather demand  nothing less than $50000 before eating Arabic poo.

Our verdict: Porta Potty Rentals Costs average between, $30000-$40000 a week.

Therefore, when anyone asks you What is the cost of Porta potty rentals, you tell him what we have stated here.

NB: To get linked for Dubai Porta Potty Business, one must contact an intermediary company like the one on this site for their service. Also checkout our post on, How To Become A Dubai Porta Potty

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