Moon Inception

Unveiling the Moon INCEPTION: A Celestial Symphony in Watchmaking Excellence

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Have you ever imagined a timepiece that goes beyond the conventional role of telling time and infuses a dash of excitement to every moment? In the enchanting world of horology, where precision meets artistry, CODE41 has once again elevated the essence of timekeeping with the Moon INCEPTION.

This extraordinary timepiece, a manifestation of CODE41’s unwavering commitment to technological innovation and community collaboration, unveils a mesmerizing dance of the moon’s phases in a celebration of classicism, modernity, and poetic design.

Moon INCEPTION: A New Act in Watchmaking Odyssey

For nearly eight years, CODE41 has captivated enthusiasts with open-heart watches, showcasing high-caliber skeletonisation and 3D-sculpted bridges. Now, with the Moon INCEPTION, the brand embarks on a new odyssey, embracing the timeless allure of the moon’s phases. A legendary complication, long-awaited by the watch community, has finally found its masterpiece.

Exquisite Craftsmanship: The Heart of Moon INCEPTION

At the core of this exceptional timepiece lies the C41-MP Moon phase movement, an exclusive creation by CODE41 based on the robust and reliable Sellita architecture. To ensure unparalleled realism, CODE41 collaborated with the esteemed Swiss watchmaking factory, AJS, crafting one of the most lifelike moon disks ever seen. The oscillating weight, exclusive to this movement, adds a touch of distinction to this masterpiece.

Smart Moon Phase

And here’s a playful spin on the information…

Guess what, watch aficionados? Brace yourselves for the ultimate upgrade because the fantastic brand is now throwing in COSC certification as a cherry on top! And that’s not all – they’ve unleashed a spectrum of colors and a smorgasbord of straps to jazz up your timepiece. Achieving a metronomic precision of -4/+6 seconds per day, each watch comes with an individual certificate, attesting to its exceptional accuracy. The Moon INCEPTION is not just a timepiece; it’s a precision instrument that pays homage to the art of Swiss watchmaking.

Brilliance in Design

Get ready for a dial that’s basically a visual feast for your eyes! The Moon INCEPTION is like a cool symphony of shapes, colors, and textures all hanging out together. Picture this: a grained background that screams lunar vibes, rings doing a dance that brings craters to mind, and a sneaky 8-shaped moon and date circles showing off infinity, authenticity, and the magical power of engagement.

But hold up, we’re not done yet. They threw in a curved sapphire crystal for that extra touch of retro-classical flair. The result? A watch that’s not just ticking away time – it’s a horological masterpiece that’s basically time-traveling in style.

Here’s all you need to know!

Get ready to blast off into the world of extraordinary timepieces with Moon INCEPTION! Secure your pre-order before February 23, starting at a stellar price of CHF 3,295. Dive into the universe of exclusive movements, personalised design options, and an assembly experience that’s out of this world! CODE41 invites you to join this celestial journey that goes beyond the ordinary bounds of watchmaking. It’s time for an adventure – Visit the brand’s official website and buckle up for a watch like no other!

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