OpenAI Store To Launch Online For Custom Versions Of ChatGPT Next Week

Open AI Store: OpenAI is planning to launch an online store next week that will let people share custom versions of the company’s popular ChatGPT chatbot after previously delaying the effort, according to an email sent to some users on Thursday. San Francisco-based OpenAI announced at its developer conference in November that users could start building GPTs “- its term for custom versions of ChatGPT “- without needing to learn any coding. With this option, users can quickly create chatbots that teach math to a child or come up with colorful cocktail recipes.

OpenAI originally said it planned to introduce an Open AI store later in November where people could find tailored chatbots from other users “- and make money from their own “- much as they might with apps in Apple Inc.’s App Store. OpenAI later delayed the rollout of the online store to early 2024, citing the interruption caused by the ousting and reinstatement of Chief Executive Officer Sam Altman in November.

The email sent Thursday, which went out to people who have been building GPTs, did not specify a date for the store’s launch. A spokesperson for OpenAI did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The Information previously reported the email to users.

In summary, an Open AI Store availability would be highly interesting and competitive at the same time. Lets keep our fingers crossed as this unfolds. Hopefully, it gonna change the would positively and further alter the way we currently run things. 

Finally, I just hope it not gonna take away jobs from humans.

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