Dubai Human Toilets:  A lot of things happen nowadays around the World and we are here to tell you to your face how it goes, particularly, with regards to the Dubai Emirates, and the entire United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Watch: Dubai Porta Potty Video

We have spoken half a dozens on our front page about how low most women can go because of the lure of filthy lucre. We have described the depravity of certain crop of ladies who prostitute themselves to rich Arabs, and often get degraded all in the name of money. 

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Well…in the same way we have talked about Dubai Porta Potty, we gonna talk about Dubai Human Toilet which means the same thing -shit eaters.  Secondly, we want you to see the term Dubai human toilet as synonymous to Dubai porta potty. The two terms can be used interchangeably in during conversations and comments.

From what we have revealed to you so far on our front page about Dubai porta potty, and also considering what Urbandictionary online described about it. Human toilets are simply expensive escorts bought by rich Arab and European men to go on “yacht parties” for $30,000+ a piece.

In reality these women are brought onto these boats to get shit and pissed on, hence the name Porta Potties. Because, most human toilets ply there trade in the Middle-East, our agents now use attributive terms like Dubai human toilets, European human toilets, and human porta potties in reference to ladies in this trade.

Above all, the above terms mean the same thing – ladies who get used as toilets by rich men, particularly, from the Arab World in fulfillment of degrading s**ual f*tishes in return for huge $$$ payments.

Mind you, this is not fiction. As an evidence, we have got a sample of Human toilet video for you here on this site.

NB: If you need to see more videos of ladies eating shit for money, please do not hesitate to contact our site’s certified agent via Whatsapp for some copies. Each copy costs $10. In case, you order for a copy, please do keep it discreet.

Dubai porta potty, Dubai Human Toilet
Dubai porta potty, Dubai Human Toilet
Dubai porta potty, Dubai Human Toilet
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Dubai Human Toilets: What Is Dubai Human Toilet?

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