Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City opens its biggest community park

Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City Opens Its Biggest Community Park

Abu Dhabi: A new community space, Masdar Park, has opened in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, boasting 20 hectares containing green spaces, sports courts, playgrounds, running and cycling tracks, among other attractions.

This is the largest such project of Masdar City, a hub for innovation and sustainability-related entities and projects.

Masdar Park has facilities for volleyball, badminton, padel ball, and basketball, alongside a pump track and a 5km running and cycling track.

The park incorporates recycled materials and is powered by 340 solar panels, capable of generating over 300 megawatts of solar energy annually. The use of liquid nano-clay in the pump track “underscores the city’s commitment to water conservation”, Masdar said.

The park has an ‘Exemplar’ certification under the Estidama Public Realm Rating System used in Abu Dhabi and is home to the Estidama Mosque.

Park in Abu Dhabi

‘The Festival’

The opening was marked by hosting ‘The Festival’, a free public event. It includes a “green” circus parade, interactive light installations, and creative workshops for all ages. In addition to the entertainment, there are various food kiosks.

Mohamed Al Breiki, Masdar City’s Executive Director of Sustainable Real Estate, said Masdar Park is not just a recreational area but “a cornerstone of Masdar City’s commitment to pioneering sustainable urban living”.


Masdar City continues to attract a mix of businesses, residents and visitors. The Masdar City Free Zone houses over 1,000 organizations, including international agencies and technology firms, “all contributing… as a blueprint for future cities aiming to tackle climate change head-on”.

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