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Air To Water: Source Global To Test Its Air-To-Water Technology In Dubai

source global renewable energy company, convert air to water

Source Global to convert/transform air-to-water in Dubai! a renowned  US-based renewable energy company, Source Global recently introduced 1,250 sun-powered hydro-panels that can transform air into water, choosing Dubai for the largest testing bed of this cutting-edge renewable technology, said the company’s vice president speaking to CNN.

The latest edition of CNN’s Think Big series met Vahid Fotuhi Source Global to hear about the company’s aims to provide clean drinking water to more than two billion people living in countries experiencing drought and water scarcity.

In projection of successful ventures, the company hopes to produce 75% of its energy from clean energy sources by 2050. While it doesn’t seem the ideal place for water, the Dubai desert is producing 1.5 million litres of drinking water every year using sunlight, said Fotuhi.

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So many businesses around the world are working on technologies that use air to make drinking water. But Source says its process is completely sustainable, Fotuhi told CNN: “The big idea behind source is to perfect drinking water for every person in every place.”

To do this, Source Global developed a technology they call hydropanels. The device uses solar energy to power a fan that draws in air. This air is however channelled into a sponge-like material where water molecules are absorbed to be distilled and collected.

“These hydro panels are effectively producing high quality drinking water day in, day out without requiring any infrastructure, any power or any type of grid.”

The air-to-water technology is currently operating in 48 countries, Source Global chose Dubai to be their largest water farm. The company established itself in Dubai in 2017 because it says the region is keen to invest and have indicated interest in these solutions, “What attracted us to Dubai? First of all, the fact that it is a hub for the Middle East Africa region, it also is a centre for new innovations for key sectors, such as agriculture and water.”

Although, experts say one of the biggest challenges facing this tech is the difficulty of wider distribution but on the contrary, Fotuhi believes a bigger hurdle is getting people used to the idea.

“As with most disruptive technologies, initially people are hesitant to change. They’re reluctant to try something new and the same holds for the water sector. People here are accustomed to a staple solution for water generation and what we’re proposing is kind of diversified menu effectively,” said Fotuhi.

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