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Dubai Gyms, Sports Centers And Venues, Social Event Centers Will Not Perform Temperature Checks from Jan. 1, 2021

The new rule also applies to sports events, Dubai gyms, sports events, and sports venues

Dubai gyms, Dubai covid-19 protocols

Dubai gyms  and other fitness centres including sports venues will no longer be required to use thermal scanners or conduct temperature checks starting tomorrow, January 1, 2021, Dubai authorities have announced.

Dubai sports governing body, the Dubai Sports Council (DSC) has announced that the Covid safety measure update covers sports events, all sports clubs, academies, training, Dubai gyms and fitness centers, and other such facilities in the emirate.

The Dubai Sports Council, DSC said this decision, follows the directives issued by government authorities to abolish temperature checks at all business establishments in the whole of Dubai Emirate. On Wednesday, the Dubai Economy announced that this new rules applies to all stores and outlets.

The authorities have also updated the valet parking protocols in Dubai, cancelling the requirement for valets to cover the driver’s seats and steering wheel with plastic, which was being done to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

However, all other precautionary measures — like wearing face masks — still stand, and the DSC has urged all Dubai gyms, sports and fitness establishments and event organizers to comply with the new safety rules.

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The sports establishments and event organizers, among others, have been instructed to make sure they continue to maintain the hygiene and sanitisation requirements as mandated by Dubai authorities. These include maintaining a regular hand cleaning regime, and ensuring that the safe distancing rule is respected at all times.

Regulations also require facilities to display public announcements and awareness signage in highly visible areas. They must also maintain adequate records of their members, including names, telephone numbers and visit dates, to assist if contact tracing becomes necessary. All these measures are in effort to keep people safe.

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