dubai health authority

Dubai Health Authority: Non-Invasive Tech Integrated Into Dubai’s Healthcare Infrastructure For Remote Patient Monitoring

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) recently announced a collaboration with Enpy, a local start-up that creates non-invasive medical devices (that are technically based). These devices are equipped with electronic sensors, this smart medtech can track patients’ vital signs and relay the data about an individual’s health via smartphones.

dubai health authority
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The use of the electronic devices will expand the health care horizon and will also help healthcare professionals by providing them with vital patient data to ensure regular follow-up and better patient compliance, said the Dubai Health Authority.

A step towards further strengthening Dubai’s healthcare infrastructure, this collaboration will roll out the AI-powered mechanism to assist doctors at all primary health care centres in Dubai.

Dr Manal Taryam, CEO of the Primary Healthcare Sector at the DHA, said, “Over the last few years, we have focused on home patient monitoring, especially for elderly patients. We have also swiftly foraged into telemedicine.”

Encouraging remote patient monitoring initiatives, this technology will aid in detecting health complications at an early stage. “The use of technology for remote patient monitoring is of particular importance in the current healthcare landscape of the world,” added Dr Taryam.

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) had earlier partnered with the Emirates airline to enable smart travel by providing digitised and unified patient records that any hospital could access for medical history review.

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Empy’s gadgets will come with electronic sensors that will relay patient information via smart devices, and the AI backing will ease the healthcare procedure for both the doctors and patients.


Remote consultations initiative enable doctors to remain updated and take care of covid-positive patients who were quarantined while ensuring enough space for critical patients. The introduction of such smart tech shows that Dubai is focused on ensuring that Covid-19 doesn’t spread again and its residents remain in good health.

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