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Gulf News Readers Share Pictures Of The Modern Infrastructure In Abu Dhabi, Dubai, And Sharjah: Photos

The Beauty Of The United Arab Emirates In Pictures! Here on this page we have a collection of infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates as shared by Gulf News readers. It is a well known fact that if you want to tell a story about an event or any occasion and want to be clear  so that your audience will understand it properly; then,  you have to put a few photos that are related to your your story. This is imperative for clarity because a picture (photo) tells a story a thousand times better. This photos here as shared by Gulf News readers all over the world depicts the level of modern state of infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates. They also show the beauty of the United Arab Emirates, particularly Dubai, that has made it one of the most sought after tourism destinations in the world.

Watching the pictures we have here closely one would be amazed at the pace at which the entire country is developing, particularly, when you remember that the entire UAE was nothing but a backward, dusty and sunny desert few decades ago. These infrastructures in the photos below shows class and the beauty of the United Arab Emirates environment. Little wonder it was a desert that has been transformed into a tourism driven economy over the course of few decades.

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Now let’s explore the beauty of the United Arab Emirates as shared by Gulf News readers.

Note: The UAE is a wonderful place to be especially the Dubai area. However, we want you to understand that the pictures you we have here are just too few to consider for general inference on the level of infrastructural development in the entire UAE. It might interest you to know that Dubai Emirate accounts for, or boasts of more than 50% of the entire infractures (most which are not even captured here) in the United Arab Emirates, hence the tourism capital of the UAE.

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