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Jai Karan Walia, A Multi Talented Professional Is Taking the entrepreneurial world by storm

New Delhi : There is famous English proverb saying that “Well begun is half done.” How many of us have actually felt and experienced this thing in life? A good start always catapults in better outcomes. This is just another quote for others but for this young entrepreneur, Jai Karan Walia it is not only his purpose in life but also an example to live by it. Setting highest standards of his professional work and creating a great example to his ardent work ethos in UAE and other parts of the globe is Jai Karan Walia. He is the CEO and founder of his firm, “Clever Corp” which is headquartered at Dubai. With tremendous feedback and rising recognition for his work, Jai now has other branches of the firm situated in Abu Dhabi, China, and Nigeria.

jai karan walia

Jai, hailing from Punjab, India was always inclined towards starting his own business in life and dreamt of being a successful entrepreneur. He somehow realized the fact that he doesn’t want to follow and pursue the usual roots and paths of society to be happy and content in life. Jai desperately started to search more answers for his own purpose of life and finally found solace in coining his own firm and marking the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey. Today, this young gun has helped thousands of different businesses reap humongous profits in mere 2 years of time since inception. Clever Corp is an emerging business advisory setup firm that help thousands of different businesses get established and noticed in a short span of time and excels in providing advisory services. Offering a wide range of services under their kitty and offering them tailored made solutions, Clever Corp has been instrumental in taking the lead in current markets and have quickly attained the attention of the new age customer. They ardently believe in providing 100% customer satisfaction with 100% transparency and accountability. Further broadening their spectrum of work, Jai also provides services like Tax consultancy in UAE and has also been in the real estate business.

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Jai Karan Walia initially moved to Dubai in 2011 for studying mechanical engineering and graduated in 2015 from BITS Pilaniinstitute. Post his graduation, Jai worked as intern for many multi-nationals to gain the necessary knowledge and develop his skills and expertise. He also completed his EMBA from the world’s 9th ranked Hult business school. Jai realised the fact that Dubai had become the global headquarter and a huge hub for business in the last decade, hence brought his first office in Dubai to cater to the cream of crowd and also help many small and medium businesses to get noticed. With tremendous growth and potential with respect to his business as well as the advantage of the prime location, Clever Corp is already on route to break many business records.

With roaring success and promising feedback from the markets, Clever Corp today has won the ‘Indo Arab summit for best Business Setup in UAE in 2019’, presented to them by the Union Minister of India. Thanks to all these successes, Jai Karan Walia now owns multiple properties in Dubai and also owns a series of luxury cars. Whoa! That’s some unbelievable achievement in a short time for a budding entrepreneur.

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