Lakhta Center II Building: This Skyscraper Would Be the World’s Second Tallest Tower After Burj Khalifa

Lakhta Center II upon completion would be standing at an impressive height of 703 meters (2,306 ft), just 125 meters (410 ft) behind the iconic Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world.  This proposed Lakhta Center II skyscraper would be the second tallest building in the world.
Lakhta Center II
The new design, which depicts a spiraling futuristic-looking tower, was announced on May 26th by U.K.-based architect Kettle Collective who is renowned for his outstanding brilliance in the real estate industry. This much talked-about building will be constructed in Russia and will soar over Saint Petersburg. See photo below:
It is popularly Called Lakhta Center II. It may interest you to know that the new tower will be located next to the Lakhta Centre building, which so far is the tallest building in Europe, standing at 462 meters (1,516 ft). However, Dubai’s tallest treasure, Burj Khalifa, will still reign the clouds, but this Lakhta Centre II building look like a worthy competitor as the new skyscraper will be just 125 meters (410 ft) behind.

The building was designed by Tony Kettle, who is known for being the working hand behind mega structural projects in the United Kingdom, like U.K.’s Falkirk Wheel and Scottish Parliament, the aforementioned Lakhta Centre, or Dubai International Convention Centre. For this new skyscraper, Kettle’s inspiration came from the gas spiraling waves generated by quasars in the center of galaxies. Its shape was not only designed to serve an aesthetic purpose but also functional.

Being a considerably tall building, the wind inevitably will hit the structure with great force. To smartly overcome this problem, the architects reduced the size of structural elements. The exterior will be composed of columns that form an open helical diagrid, while numerous spiral atriums with green vertical spaced are making up its configuration.

Although at conception stage, when work commences and upon completion, the Lakhta Centre II will have the tallest occupied floor and viewing gallery in the world, beating the 632-meter(2,073 ft) Shanghai Tower. Its interior is billed to feature multi-car lifts that will be powered by their own regenerating energy. According to Rt Kettle the architect, this is a complimentary upgrade from the original Lakhta Centre. He revealed that so many accomodation and relaxation spaces will also be included in the build.

While it sounds very promising, the construction date for the great new tower hasn’t been announced. For now, the design is only present in computer simulation renderings and sketches, and we are yet to see it actually take shape.

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