London Eco friendly Car

London Eco friendly Car For Taxi Arrives in Dubai

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates Eco Friendly Car: Dubai tourists, residents, and citizens will look twice when the familiar curved silhouette of the famous London black cab appears on the roads of the emirate.

It is Aptly called “London taxi,” the vehicle launched in February and is being trialled at Dubai International Airport.

The eye-catching taxi (or eco friendly car) features the famous black color and curved design of the British cab.

The London Eco friendly car (that henceforth upon arrival) is Managed by Dubai Taxi Corporation. The eco-friendly taxis are based on a hybrid design using electricity and fuel.

“It is part of our strategic plan to boost the limousine sector and the taxi sector with a wonderful and a reliable car,” Mansoor Rahma Al-Falasi, CEO of Dubai Taxi Cooperation, revealed to Arab News.

Speaking further, he said the new taxi will offer customers a greater choice of services.

“The London taxi is one of the newest features in our fleet.”

The technology of this taxi is awesome; along with its dual engine, the London taxi also has an accelerated braking system and a battery that can be recharged in only 30 minutes.

The cab’s roomy interior includes six seats in a separate cabin and access for disabled passengers.

The taxi is fitted with satellite-based navigation, voice command system, forward-collision warning system, blind-spot monitoring and lane departure warning system in addition to WiFi.

“We began the trial at Dubai airport because the first sight of anything in Dubai takes place at the airport itself,” said Al-Falasi.

“We have also started to collaborate with several of our partners in different hotels and Dubai World Trade Center. This is how we promote our services. We begin with the airport, then with other major landmarks in Dubai and then in other in-demand areas.”

The taxi’s launch date for the city of Dubai has yet to be announced.

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