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Three Israeli airlines to fly Dubai-Tel Aviv route from December

The return of harmonious relationship is sure between Israel and the United Arab Emirate as three Israeli airlines will begin direct flights from Tel Aviv to Dubai in December, with El Al operating twice daily services, Israir offering six weekly flights and Arkia operating a daily service, Dubai Airports said on Wednesday.

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Following the renewed cordial relationship with the two countries, El Al will run its service with Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft, Israir’s flights will be use Airbus A320s and Arkia’s daily flight will be on Embraer E-195 E-Jet aircraft, Dubai Airports, which manages the operations of both of Dubai’s airports, said in a statement.

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The United Arab Emirates and Israel signed an agreement in September to establish full diplomatic relations which is suspected to have influenced  the UAE decision to loosen a few of the Islamic laws against alcohol consumption and cohabitation. It was after the agreement was signed that the three Israeli airlines were billed to commence operations in Dubai.

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This made the UAE along with Gulf neighbour Bahrain the first Arab states in a quarter of a century to seek formal ties with Israel, largely due to shared fears of Iran.

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“There is a lot of anticipation following the signing of the historic accords and both sides recognise the importance of enabling air connectivity as one of the first important steps to releasing those expectations,” said the deputy CEO of Dubai Airports, Jamal al-Hai.

Dubai state-owned airline flydubai said last week it would start twice daily fights between the UAE’s business hub and Tel Aviv this month.

Dubai’s Emirates, the UAE’s biggest airline, will sell tickets on the flydubai service through a codeshare agreement between the carriers.

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