water desalination plants in Gaza

UAE Launches Three Water Desalination Plants To Supply Gaza With Drinking Water

Rafah, Egypt: Ambassador Lana Nusseibeh, Assistant Minister for Political Affairs and Permanent Representative to the UN, has inaugurated three water desalination plants in the Egypt’s Rafah, in the presence of numerous representatives of UN Security Council member states.

The plants aim to supply the Gaza Strip with its needs for drinking water, as part of the UAE’s humanitarian response to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people in the Strip.

Water desalination plant
The establishment of water desalination plants in the Egyptian Rafah is partThe initiative was part of the UAE's 'Noble Knight 3' humanitarian operation.

This came during the visit by a UN delegation to the Rafah Crossing, at the initiative of the United Arab Emirates and in cooperation with the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The establishment of water desalination plants in the Egyptian Rafah is part of the initiative that was part of the UAE’s ‘Noble Knight 3’ humanitarian operation launched on Nov 5 of the UAE’s ‘Noble Knight 3’ humanitarian operation to address the dire water infrastructure situation in Gaza and ensure the Palestinian people’s access to safe drinking water.

Thre three new desalination plants will provide clean drinking water for 300,000 people, by processing approximately 600,000 gallons of seawater each day, sending them through a network of pipes throughout the Gaza Strip. This will significantly improve access to safe and clean drinking water for the residents.

The United Arab Emirates launched the ‘Noble Knight 3’ humanitarian operation on November 5, 2023, to provide humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people in Gaza. The UAE sent 105 aircraft carrying a field hospital, the desalination plants, and more than 7,126 tons of food, medical, and relief supplies.

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