UAE’s First Ambassador To Israel Sworn In By Dubai Ruler

UAE’s first ambassador to Israel!!! Since the normalization of ties between Israel and the United Arab Emirates few months ago there has been surge in cooperations between the two countries. Who would have thought that Dubai, and Tel aviv would ever have any course to come together as friends, neighbours, and partners knowing full well how both countries were at loggerhead and in needless rivalry just few months ago. That is why diplomacy is key to lasting peace. Although, contrary opinion says: The best way to create lasting peace is through the waging of war. Well…I disagree for it is better to Jaw-Jaw, than to War-War.
First after the diplomatic talks, and normalization of ties between Tel Aviv, and Dubai officials, we saw Three Israeli airlines flying Dubai-Tel Aviv route from December, next we saw Package-Tour Diplomacy: that made it possible for Thousands of Israeli Tourists Flock to Dubai After Peace Deal . The world equally witnessed as Israel commenced and swiftly completed the building of an embassy in Dubai for the first time in history, and now the United Arab Emirates is sending what we call the United Arab Emirates’ first ever ambassador to Israel.
In fact, the Dubai’s ruler and United Arab Emirates’ Vice President Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has sworn in UAE’s first ambassador to Israel, by name: Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Khaja, the Dubai Media Office said on Sunday.

In what appears to be a reciprocal move aimed at cementing the new found relations, the UAE’s cabinet last month approved the establishment Ofan embassy in Tel Aviv in Israel just about the time Tel aviv announced the opening of an embassy in Abu Dhabi, state media said. This is kind of funny when  one considers the hasty moves from both sides. It just seem as if both countries have been sheepishly fighting each other, and at the same time praying for an opportunity to come for them to normalize relations and move to next stage of economic developments as neighbours, and friends. Because, while Israel announced its embassy had opened in Abu Dhabi, after the UAE and Israel agreed to normalise relations in August.(Reporting by Nayera Abdallah;Editing by Alexander Smith)

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