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Ain Dubai: The World’s Largest & Tallest Observation Wheel

Ain Dubai! The city of Dubai is an interesting and intriguing city to visit. Day in day out the city of Dubai keeps adding more and more mega and capital intensive infrastructures in place thereby transforming the entire city into an aggregate of marveling man-made  wonders of the world.

The city is currently ranked highly on the list of super developed cities in the world. Many still find it difficult to believe that Dubai used to be a small Arab fishing village. However, Dubai is now entrenched perfectly on the list of top 5 most visited cities in the World. All thanks to the visionary rulership of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who stirred Dubai positively to the path of growth and development as evident in the emirate of Dubai today.

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Dubai city is a marvel to behold little wonder why tourism is the mainstay of her economy. This is so because her rulers did their homework well. The city should be visited at least once in a lifetime. Dubai is famous for sightseeing attractions like beautiful, shiny skyscrapers, state of the art buildings and beautiful beaches and sand dunes and so much more. In the world today, it has been widely ranked as the fourth most visited city in the world and the most attractive destination in the whole of Middle East region for international visitors.

Ain Dubai

Ain Dubai Opens For Visits

Are you in Dubai for a luxury experience and sightseeing of its leading attractions? Well…one of your most  memorable visits would come from the recently opened Ain Dubai, which is situated on the gorgeous lifestyle destination, The Bluewaters Island, where the charm and exclusivity meets the exuberance of a sophisticated urban lifestyle. The Ain Dubai is the newest addition to Dubai’s ever increasing breathtaking and world record breaking array of attractions dotting across Dubai further asserting it a top tourism, leisure and business destination  in the world.

As expected, we can not talk about Dubai’s breathtaking infrastructures without talking about the latest addition to her landmarks, the Ain Dubai which is now open for business. You are now at liberty to view and discover a new way to see Dubai – from 250m in the sky! the Ain Dubai is the world’s largest and tallest observation wheel, Ain Dubai opens in 2021 and offers unique views of Dubai’s iconic landmarks from indoor, air-conditioned cabins, plus a huge range of entertainment to keep you coming back for more!

How Ain Dubai Came To Be And How It Works

Ain Dubai

It is most often reported that more than 10 elite countries came together to finance and create.  The manufacturing of Ain Dubai’s component parts and  manufacturing spread evenly in the 10 countries, particularly, with the steel wheel structure produced across the UAE, South Korea and Germany, while the UK, France and Netherlands providing key engineering and project management expertise. The wheel height is 250 m tall, which makes it nearly twice as high as the London Eye!

Ain Dubai Wheel height

In Ain Dubai, there are 48 hi tech capsules and each capsule can hold upto 30 people. The Ain Dubai takes the lead when it comes to record number of passengers able to ride at the same time. It can accommodate at most 1,750 people on each rotation which is a huge number.

Dubai Ain

If you have booked a ticket to visit  Ain Dubai location, you are advised to arrive 60 minutes before ticket time to prepare for your trip. Upon arrival, your ticket will be checked by the security man positioned at the main entrance, before you can proceed to the check in desk, where you will be given tags and then you proceed once verified, to an escalator that takes you to the next floor.

Ain Dubai
Ain Dubai
Ain Dubai Wheel
Ain Dubai Wheel
Ain Dubai

There you will stop for a photo session (for those who want) before you are led to where the cabins/ capsules are, ready for occupation. The type of cabin you enter depends entirely on the experience you’ve booked. There are 3 pods options- Observation, Social and private pods. 

Ain Dubai

Ain Dubai Daily Opening And Closing Time

This marvel open daily for tourist and all other categories of people from 2pm to 10pm, and on a 360-degree rotation, guests soak up to the panoramic Instagrammable city views, with the entire spin taking 38 minutes to complete. You get to marvel and see the Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence and on a clear day, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah and the Burj Khalifa while on this super wheel.

Please note: It is important to note that for the most part it does not stop rotating. You have to literally hop onto – and out of – a pod while it is still slowly moving. The capsules are all glass made so you can see all around the views.

Dubai Ain
Ain Dubai Pics

About The VIP Capsules In The Ain Dubai

As could be observed, there are special VIP capsules that can accommodate 12 people and comes with a private bar on board. For the ultimate luxury, guests can book one of many VIP pods that host dining experiences as well as customizable private events, from extravagant parties to special family-friendly occasions. 

Well, Dubai is really full of architectural wonders and magnificent developments that never cease to amaze. One of the most fascinating things about the location of the Ain Dubai, is that it is on a man-made island namely the Bluewater Island. This island, is home to more than 700 residential properties, two 5-star hotels and more than 200 shops and restaurants. It is also where the Ain Dubai, the world’s largest observation wheel is. The island has the only the other Caesars Palace property in the world besides the Las Vegas one.

According to reports, the island was made of 4,118,425 m3 of sand and 962,530 m2 of rock. A dedicated road leads to and from the island and there is a specially constructed 300-m walkway that provides pedestrian access. It is reported that one of the wheel legs will be housing the highest rope climbing platform in the world.

When Ain Dubai was officially opened in October 2021, Ronald Drake, General Manager, Ain Dubai said, “We’ve seen the excitement across the city peak as we get closer to opening so it was only fitting that we host an opening that was in line with all that Ain Dubai has to offer as the ultimate celebration destination. We can’t wait to welcome the world to see everything beyond the stunning view of Dubai’s dazzling skyline available at Ain Dubai, from family entertainment to sunset views and DJ sets. We have plenty of surprises in store across the two days, making it the perfect place to spend the long weekend.”

Therefore, we guarantee you; Ain Dubai is indeed one of the attractions you must see and experience when in Dubai. And if you planning to travel there, fly . Emirates which was voted ‘Best Airline Worldwide’ for the eighth consecutive time by the Business Traveller Middle East Awards 2021, has 10 flights a week between Nairobi and Dubai.

Ain Dubai in Pics

According to Christophe Leloup, Emirates Country Manager in Kenya, “As demand proliferates, is ramping up our operations in order to provide better connectivity and convenience to our customers, so they can be reunited with family and friends, discover new cities, or just relax as they create new memories, safely. Emirates currently serves over 120 global passenger destinations, gradually restoring over 90% of its pre-pandemic network, operating over 800 flights a week from the airline’s hub, Dubai.”


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