Buddha Lounge, dubai nightclubs and nightlife

Dubai Nightclubs And Nightlife

Dubai Nightclubs And Nightlife

Dubai nightclubs and nightlife outings! Are in Dubai on tour or on a business trip after a successful visa application ? If your answer is YES, you have got every reason to enjoy the great city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is a known fact that Dubai is an interesting place to be if you consider her rich history which depicts resilience and predestination towards growth and better life despite its desert geo-location.

The city of Dubai a marvel to behold and has got an array of of intriguing places yearning for your attention such as the great Burj Khalifa Hotel, the Burj Al Arab, Dubai Palm Beach, the Dubai Mall, and so many others.

The city of Dubai does not get dull at nights for it has got excellent nightclubs and bars to make your nightlife in Dubai a memorable one. When in Dubai, you have got an array of optionable choices of nightclubs and bars that would give you and excellent nightlife outing in the city for full enjoyment of your stay/visit in Dubai.

Mind you, these Dubai nightclubs and bars have excellent security for your safety. Moreover, they all have government license for operation.

It may interest you to know that you will notice that most Dubai nightclubs and bars are located in the various 7 star hotels in Dubai. However, there are few exceptions to this trend for you tend to come across many others that are not in affiliation to hotels. In other words, these crop of Dubai nightclubs and bars are totally detached from hotels.

Bar And Nightclub Laws In Dubai

The city of Dubai United Arab Emirates has some interesting laws targeted at checkmating the activities of nightclubs and bars. A few of these laws are as follows below:

  • Dubai nightclubs and Bars must close at 3.00 am daily
  • You must be, at least, 21 to gain entry, and even purchase an alcohol in nightclubs and bars in Dubai

Despite the official age of 21 allowed into nightclubs and bars in Dubai, some nightclubs and bars may refuse entry to anyone deemed under 25 years of age.

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Moreover, in most of the prestigious clubs in the city of Dubai, bouncers tend to be a little strict, but as long as you have at least one woman in your party, you should be fine.

Notable Top Best Nightclubs In Dubai, United Arab Emirates

These are our handpicked top nightclubs in Dubai where you can walking for a wonderful nightlife experience in the great city of Dubai united Arab emirates.

Cavila Club

Cavila Club, Dubai Nightclubs and nightlife


Malecon, Dubai nightclubs


Buddha Lounge

Buddha Lounge, dubai nightclubs and nightlife

Maya Lounge

Rock Bottom Cafe

Rock Bottom Cafe
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