Why Are Instagram Models Always Traveling To Dubai? See/Read What Instagram Models Do In Dubai

Why are Instagram Models always in Dubai? Have you been wondering why many Instagram Models travel to Dubai alot? However, the trooping of most well known Instagram models into the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates is not a mere coincidence. There are more to it than meet the eyes. Anyway, we are here to reveal everything to you, in effort to make sure you stop envying them whenever you see them showing off on social media platforms. However, it may interest you to know that Dubai is an interesting fine and unique place to be. It is unique for its traditional penchants for high rise buildings like the Burj Khalifa hotel – which is currently the tallest building in the world, Burj Al Arab hotel, and other mega infrastructures.

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Dubai is a country whose economy is primarily  driven by tourism for it has physical environment that marvels and also reeks of amazements upon being sighted by an onlooker. These wonderful mega infrastructures in dubai are what that attracts visitors into the country for business and other special activities, courtesy of its revolutionary ruler – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum –  who has completed a lot infrastructural projects in Dubai United Arab Emirates. In Dubai, visitor can enjoy a lavish lifestyle. One who has money can enjoy all lavish things and give himself/herself a king, or a queen treatment. Dubai attracts many people from different races and walks of lives. Politicians, businessmen, tourists, including social media models/influencers, particularly, IG models also visit Dubai frequently from all parts of the world for fun and business. Afterall, the environment is good for taking photographs.

What You Should Know About Instagram Models Who Visit Dubai – Dubai Instagram Models

Instagram is a beehive  of activity and has given an opportunity for modeling career to stem up practically from unknown persons. Currently, there are a lot hot ladies now called Instagram models. These models now seem to rule the world of social media these days, and are somewhat influencers of some sought. Every post from these models on the platform garners thousands of likes, views, followers (sometimes running into millions) and global influence, how could you argue!?

The Instagram models that get the most attention are the females for obvious reasons. They live a flamboyant lifestyle traveling the world in all-expense-paid-trips in luxury cars and jets, living on beaches while aboard yachts , staying in the finest hotels and wearing the most expensive clothes. Their lifestyles are more fitted and comparable to that of multi-millionaires or billionaires.

So how do they afford all luxury shi*t? The answers that follows below will answer questions like:

Why are Instagram Models Always in Dubai?

Why do Instagram Models Always Travel To Dubai?

Who are Dubai Porta Potty Instagram Models?


Now, Why Are Instagram Models Always In Dubai? …Exposing Instagram Models


Why Are Instagram Models Always Traveling To Dubai?

There is a saying that all that glitter are not gold. In the spirit of this great idiomatic expression,  we are exposing Instagram models for their various crime to morality. It’s a pretty well known fact and also documented that most of the models head to engage in most degrading of canal odd jobs. After getting degraded they get paid handsomely – sometimes up to $15000 per week of depravity – and boom they storm Instagram, and other well established social media platforms to show off, and chase clouts, whereas on the inside, they are less than filths in the sewers.

We are exposing Instagram Models here to save others from unknowingly falling prey to the disgusting job these ladies/models go to do in Dubai. Now, lets go straight to the point so that you would stop asking the questions about what Instagram Models do in Dubai such as: Why are instagram models always in Dubai, Why do Instagram Models Always Travel To Dubai? etc.

Well to answer your question, there are basically three things most Instagram Models go to do in Dubai. These 3 things are: Dubai Porta Potty Business, Escort Business, and Prostitution.

Dubai Porta Potty Business

As for the term Dubai Porta Potty, we have explained enough on our front page, click here. But giving you a little hint, it is a term used for qualifying ladies of easy virtues that always travel to Dubai to go eat poo of Arab rich men for money. Note also, that the term Dubai Porta potty can be used in reference to portable toilets used for large gatherings and other occasions like political rallies and religious gatherings in Dubai, and their rental services. Do check out Dubai Porta potty rentals for more clarifications.


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Dubai Escort Services

In Dubai there are companies offering escorting services. These companies provide escorts readily for business men, tourists, politicians, and others who are on a visit or vacation to Dubai. The job of these escorts who often troop into Dubai, is to keep visitors and others company throughout their stay in Dubai. How do these escort service providers in Dubai scout these sultry, beautiful, and gorgeous young ladies they use for their business? Well, we know where your mind is ticking to…IG models. Well, for those of you who don’t know, the agents of these Dubai escort service companies do visits the social media profile of  Instagram and twitter models. Then they slide into there DMs. When they get talking, these models get offered thousands to come to Dubai and work full,or short time as escorts. The amount being irresistible, they strike a deal and based of specs from clients, these ladies get assigned or hooked up with rich visitors whom they would keep company for a period of time. Based on terms and conditions, these ladies may go extra to date or even sleep with rich men.  Entirely, in a few cases these rich men are citizens of the Emirate, and are based in Dubai, and not always visitors.

Note: this we revealed here is pretty well documented, and you may check out Tagyoursponsor.com for more gory details.

Exposing the IG models, there are cases of Arab Princes offering 200k Euros for the “services” of some of these Instagram models. For example, Model Alina Lozado Gonzalez got tricked into agreeing to sleep with a rich Arab man and his 13 year old Brother. Nearly every large following Instagram girl travels to Dubai at least 5 times per year. In all, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s been going on. In fact this is nothing new.

Hollywood has been operating under the same rule-set since it was established. Beautiful women and rich men go hand-in-hand.


Furthermore, while exposing IG models in the course of wanting to know  why they always travel to Dubai, there is a case whereby an IG model was monitored for the period of 3 months during which she traveled to Dubai, La Marrakesh, and then Dubai again, Amsterdam, whereas she lives in London. 

Her average flight and the price of the hotel that she stayed in were calculated. It was ascertained that she was spending collectively $25000 per month. This included her travel costs, living/lodging costs, and maintaining a London lavish lifestyle per month.

However, on the contrary she claims to be an IG model. What this entails is that she would have zero savings, so perhaps she’s earning more than what we expected each month from her so called modelling career. This goes to tell us that she is an escort, and some men are bankrolling her, unless she’s getting paid a bomb from brands, which is entirely not possible with her roughly 500k following, or her 4 trips to Dubai this year have been extremely rewarding.

It’s strange that she’s traveled the world, yet visited nowhere more than once except Dubai. We’re not going to name in this article because we have no concrete evidence, but it’s hard to believe someone under 22 years old could spend £20,000 per month for a year straight from nothing but brand sponsors when Instagram marketing is dying fast.

Most of them are prostitutes in Dubai. But, let’s say this woman is prostituting in Dubai, and is making £100k per visit, are you gonna blame blame her?

Is it illegal in Dubai? Yes. However, should we encourage young women to use their beauty to make money? No. But if a young woman wants to use her “gifts” while she can, just like a man uses alpha male traits to navigate life, why shouldn’t she?

What’s the alternative — sit in an office 5 days per week earning just enough to get by, whilst getting hit on by every man in the office without much pay? Instead of dying in penury and no financial help in sight, it is better, perhaps to get hit in there a couple of nights per year with a wealthy paying customer and living for the rest of the year like a millionaire.

Well, we can’t entirely blame these women who are self-acclaimed Instagram models or influencers but are prostitutes in Dubai for some of us have all been sat at work on a Thursday and wished for the week to be over already. Maybe these women have too? Imagine being sat in an office on a rainy winter’s day, with your boss hitting on you, and getting paid £20k per year to perform data entry, when a DM comes through offering to pay you 5 times your yearly salary in a week with flights and one of the world’s best hotels included in sunny Dubai. Would you be tempted? We know you would.

On the contrary, there are real Instagram  models who actually actually make money through the normal branding methods! But, a greater percentage of them are either high end prostitutes or being sponsored and flown out to dubai or other places by wealthy men or just any man willing to pay them for their S*X*AL services and that’s pretty much it.

Finally, Based on the question: Why Are Instagram Models Always Traveling To Dubai?

In this era, Instagram has degenerated into nothing more than an online prostitution site. Things to notice: Most of these Instagram  girls post half n*de pics showing themselves to the public but why, to what end?  Moreover, they are able to live very fast and lavish lifestyle and obtain expensive goods without really showing a body of work that would make it look normal! They are always traveling to these exotic expensive places and hotels. Of course, you should, hotel lodging cost is much, know it is not cheap! Another thing interesting is that we never see who they are with just photos of them, hmmm? Well if you actually take any one of them and look at their pics and comments you will see they have booking info and etc but never reply to the thousands of thirsty male followers who constantly shower them with attention and compliments . The reason is because they do not want these guys, they are not advertising their bodies to these regular guys. The regular guys are just used to build their egos, likes and followers count up, nothing more.

The audience they are targeting are athletes, rappers, celebrities, businessmen or basically any man with money and or resources that they can solicit their services for. The problem on a larger level is that it is indirectly influencing our younger woman to behave in this low self esteem, low dignity, no class way and the enablers try to justify this trend by saying its their choice so stop hating on them. If being a prostitute is your choice of profession then by all means do so and have a blast i can care less. But keep in mind you are not just affecting yourself which would be ok you are also teaching the younger generations of women to BELIEVE this hypergamy, slutty behavior is acceptable to men or society. So i wonder how these same women would raise their daughters if they had one? Would they say its ok to be like mommy forget about the haters? Would they keep quiet and not say anything and let the child make the same mistake? Something to think about.

I hope this helps to answer your question.

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