super rich arab men

Super Rich Men! Who Are The Men That Made The Term Porta Potty Popular?

Oh, the super rich men from the Middle East! You know, when people have lots of money that the don’t know what to do with it, they tend to be turn evil overnight, and use those monies negatively oppressing others. That is the case with the super rich men of the Middle Eastern countries.

Like we stressed on our front page, Dubai Porta Potty is an extensive phrasal vocabulary of toilet terms standing in for human degradation and dehumanization similar to the use of a toilet – porta potty (portable toilet)

super rich arab men

They are men that feel that with money, they can make the whole World revolve around them. They are mostly the super rich from the Middle East. These men are so rich that they do not know what else to do with money. They have expensive cars, private jets, yachts and capital intensive mansions,etc.

In addition, these super rich men from the Middle East have all the material things that money can buy except things that are abstract.  And, among those abstract things are their weirdest and strangest  fantasies & fetishes which they are not giving up on actualizing them.

When these super rich men from the Middle East are bored they do not relent in seeking avenues to satiate these creeds, needs, and curiosities.

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How do they go about this…?  They use money to rent/lure ladies in other to actualizes their most extreme of canal fantasies, and fetishes.

Are you one of those thinking that to try out these extreme canal fetishes will not be easy…right? If your answer is YES, you are wrong.

Like we stated above, these men are stupendously rich, and have enough money, and materially,all money can buy. Therefore, to buy ladies whom they are to dehumanize in fulfillment of their weird canal fantasies, is very easy. They easily import willing human porta potty  from poorer countries, preferably, from Africa, South-America,  Asia and the third world countries. 

These super rich men from the Middle East bring these women into Dubai, and other parts of United Arab Emirates by the help of agents, just to abuse s***ally.

They tend to do this to them in the most degrading manners just to live out their s**ual fantasies. Moreover, to also satiate their canal fetishes as can be seen on this video here.


How do these Super Rich Arab men who are into Dubai porta potty fetishes get their willing human porta potty rentals?

Answer: They simply scout for them (wh*res) via the help of agents who have the pools of connections for different businesses in Dubai. 

While finally in Dubai, these ladies do enjoy during the day, however at night time, what they do to them is rather disheartening.

Mind you, in the day, they (the imported wh*res do) ride with these super rich men, in their expensive, yachts, cars, and also, fly in their private jets as the camera light flashes.

They post classy pictures on social media to the admiration of the naive and gullible young people on social media. We can go on as long as possible explaining how these ladies enjoy in the day.

On the contrary, what these super rich men from the Middle East do with them every night throughout their one week contract stay before they hand them the money agreed is rather not said for it is painful. But we must say it…

Well, the ladies will have to be used as human toilets and abused carnally in all ill mannerisms possible in tandem with the fantasies and fetishes these rich men harbor in their minds.

In fact, all possible degrading bedroom tactics is practiced with the Dubai Porta Potty ladies.

All we stated above so far, and also as can be seen on this on the Dubai Porta Potty video is little compared to what these heartless men do to porta potty ladies.

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Do These Ladies Suffer Before They Get These Monies From These Ultra Rich Arab Money Bags?

In reality these women suffer a lot in the hands of these bad money men. It is worthy of note, that they do not wait always until it is night before they start using the porta potty wh*res they imported.

Even, during the day, these ladies are brought aboard expensive boats and yachts to get sh*tted and pissed on, hence live up to their the name tag Dubai Porta Potties.

Quick note: In other words, they are human porta potties for  rentals, because porta potties are enclosed makeshift portable toilets for large gathering. However, in the context of this site front page article, we have attributed it to women of easy virtue who are paid to eat shit and to be shitted on.

These Arab men rent these ladies as escorts, but engage them in fulfilling their extreme brutal s**u*l fetishes and perversions in the most disgusting manner.

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